Busy Busy Busy……………………..

Today’s post title sums up my day today.

But I don’t mind it……………….too much.


That I Forgot…(oops)

That today is Magnetic Monday. The last one in March.

It’s a bit later than I usually post but I did remember it…finally…a..bit…late. 🙂

The words today are:

moonlight, madness, corpse, love, whispers, terrifying, soft. 

You see.. I mixed together the words for the zombie set and the regular set. Ha!

So here it goes:

the terrifying moonlight

shows the corpse as it whispers

in soft love

to the madness that has

claimed it’s humanity in the moonlight.




Have a great week.

If any zombies try to whispers to you in the madness of moonlight, I’d run away. Really. 😉



Magnetic Moanday….

Happy Monday Everybody!

I’ve looked forward to Mondays since I’ve been going magnetic all over them. 🙂

This is the last Monday in February all ready, going into the third month of 2014 in less than a week, and it seems to me like it’s going fast. Perhaps that is just a result of getting another year older, or maybe it’s due to the fact that I’ve been busy.

Well whatever the reason, it’s been good so far.

This week’s magnetic Moanday (hahaha) is from the zombie poetry set. I dumped out some words and then rearranged it a bit. I hope you do enjoy it.



the rotten soulless zombie

with his full undead grave

chased my human brain,

I wander, stumble, mindless

plague planet, insane.


I hope your Monday is a goodly one.