Mucking Monday

Blerg!  Yes it’s a real word because it fits the feeling of today.

It’s cold, gray and mucky outside. The kind of dreariness that seeps into the apartment and creeps around until it grabs a hold of my creative mind and threatens to swallow it.

So today I’m looking for ways to add color to the inside of my walls to makeup for the lack of it outside.

Hmmm…  That was an odd sentence, it’s not as if I’m really coloring the inside of my walls but rather putting color (via artwork) on the walls inside of my apartment.

Yep that was a better way of stating it.

Randomness starting……now – 

Words are weird sometimes. Words for writers (from a writer’s pov) are even weirder. The ways to combine words to tell a story, convey emotion, allow others to ‘see’ what is meant by the letters on a page, or bring the reader to a different world are what writers do with words.

I know that you already knew that.

The weird part is when a writer reads something as simple as street sign, instructions for anything, as slogans, or a description of something, and then comes up with an entirely different meaning than what was intended.

I also know that writers aren;t the only creatures on earth that can do that.


Writers will also come up with entire story lines, plot threads, characters, summaries and other various aspects of a story by doing the aforementioned things.

A picture is worth one thousand words (or more) and a writer will sit and write those words.

Randomness is now finished.

Please continue with your day, may it be wonderful.

Commenting Has Helped Improved My Writing

Weird concept, I know, but it’s true for me. The more I leave comments on other blogs, the better my word choices have become.

I always read my comments before I click post (it’s only logical), that way I can check for typos and make sure that what I mean is reflected within my words.

Simple things result in the biggest changes it seems.

My writing has become tighter. In other words (lol) my writing has become more concise and to the point. I don’t nit-pick my words, criticize myself for the word choices, or grab the nearest thesaurus to choose a better word. And I don’t over analyze my words.

Instead I focus on what it is I really want to say and then let the words flow.

It’s all in the focus and the flow of conscious writing. And it’s flowing into my everyday writing. Even while writing this post I can feel how my mind is looking at the words as they ebb and flow on the screen, making sure that they state what I mean with clarity.

So again, it all comes back to focus. That is interesting.

What are you focusing on today?

Building, Writing and Ripping It Up

Just when I think that I have built the book in its entirety, I see things ( many things) that need to be adjusted and rearranged. Grrrrr!

Going for round three (feels more like 3,000) on the novel. I have to revise most of the middle because I (in my infinite un-wisdom) changed the ending.  So now my family will be subjected to me reading the book out loud, the squeaking of white board markers, the sound of paper tearing and crumpling and possibly a few colorful words thrown about the rooms.

I’m going to schedule in rest periods wherein I’ll hopefully get some other things accomplished this week. Laundry, grocery shopping, car washing, and other household thingies, to name a few.

I’m going to stay offline during the time that I’m writing so I can focus on just writing. I’m not one to usually adhere to a strict writing schedule but I really want to settle my mind when it comes to this novel. So I’m creating a schedule, printing it and sticking on my wall right next to the computer. It’ll stare at me, glare at me and push me to keep my focus.

I’m going to post updates this week too, helps with the whole focus thing. I’ll include other things on the posts too, such as a book give away (not sure what day yet or which book), photo post and poetry. Maybe I’ll put out a few (or one) excerpts from the book. I guess I have a few things yet to be decided upon. lol.

Oh well – Life is what it is today.

That is my plan for the week. What about you, what are you doing this week?

Blogging Off

I suppose I caught your attention with my post headline. Good. That was my intention after all, you know, to get your attention. And now that I have your attention I would like to capture you even further.

I want to reel you into my dark little world and show you how the shadows play. I want you to see that all is not as it seems in the world of shadows. For this is not a place where demons dwell or hearts bleed gold. This is not a place where your mind could fracture at a moment’s notice due to snap of a whip. But, then again I suppose it has occurred. This is also not a place to tread lightly.

You could lose your way, fall down, tumble even, into the vast unknown. The collective unconscious consciousness of the world. You may even hear singing, but I’d advise against following that illustrious, illuminating sound. It’ll only lead to your ultimate ruin. If at any point during your visit here you feel as if someone (or something) is watching you, following you, or reaching out to brush your soul — you are correct.

There are things here that will taunt you, haunt you and otherwise try to impinge upon the personal space of your imagination. Shadows here love to play, tease, jeer, encourage, uplift, and bring in the joyous rain of treasures found. However, you must consider the aforementioned warnings.

No, don’t run away just yet, stay for a minute or two or perhaps a year. We are not here to harm you. We want to entrance you, enrapture you, thrill you and hold in our thrall for the space between breaths. We want to show you the colors of life that maybe you have missed due to the rapid staccato beats of a technology based lifestyle.

So enter, if you so dare, ahem – I mean choose, and listen. Hear the tales and sagas, revel in the epicenters of color, sound and word. Dive into the waters, the stream of consciousness if you will, and open your very soul to the happenings around you. Hear the laughing, wailing, jeering, cacophony of banshee and shadows. Equally as well please listen to the rhythms and flow of the most gentlest of creatures, for they will guide you on your journey here.

Dance in the rain and sun streams of love and cherish the wild ride of dreams and nightmares. Enter this world of wonderment, clarity and of course the occasional fall from sanity. All other words cast aside, enter the realm of books.