August Garden

Rewrites are coming along, I guess this whole schedule thing is working for me after all. Today I took a break from the notes, markers, pens, sticky notes, and printed pages to go out on the balcony and enjoy the not stifling summer weather. I took advantage of the cooler temps today and snapped a few photos of my garden.

It’s doing surprisingly well despite the extreme heat that had descended on this area in the past month. The trees that planted themselves in the containers are growing taller than I thought they would grow. And there is grapevine growing in a container as well as other wild things. Love it when I’m surprised by what nature plants.

Containers of Green

Corner Garden


Pansy Amid the Wild

Part of the Forest

Zinnias in the bowl

Tree and Coleus

Zinnia that reached out from the bowl

8 year old Tree