My Brain Is On Overdrive

Here it is coming up on just the second weekend of January 2013 and my brain is already working on writing projects for next year.


Maybe I need to switch to decaf tea and stay away from the leftover holiday sweets. 🙂

I’ll just make a few notes about the upcoming projects and file them away until December of this year that way my writer’s brain will remain focused and clear for this year’s projects.

This weekend is set for fun. An open mic event then a birthday celebration with my sister on Saturday, then more football on Sunday. In-between everything I’m diving headfirst into chapter two and three rewrites.

I may remember to sleep too. 😉

What’s up for the weekend on your end?

The first weekend of 2013

Okay is it just me or is 2013 moving a bit quick already?

The fourth day in and the first weekend is on the event horizon. It’s going to be a busy one for me with football, writing, and early spring cleaning (on my). Most likely I’ll knock out the first two and procrastinate on that last one. 🙂

What’s on the agenda for you on this, the first weekend of 2013?

Whatever you have planned and do, I hope it’s a great one.