Wednesday October 5, 2011

That is the most mundane, normal, and yet oddly odd blog post title I’ve yet to write. And it only has to do with the date I posted this and not the actual content of the post itself.

Today’s post is about how you can inspire others to realize that they are great. I’m not sure I even know how to do this myself but it was on my mind this morning. So here are my ideas in list form:

1. Tell them directly. Just stand in front of them or sit them down and tell them that you think they are great. Flaws and all that they are great. Okay maybe leave out the ‘flaws and all’ statement because that could start a fight/argument/break-up/ego smash.

2. Write them a note. Just don’t start it out with ‘Dear John’ or ‘Dear Jane’ unless that is really their name and you really feel that they are dear to you. Otherwise jsut a note (even a post it note) stating that you think they are wonderful , great, awesome, or maybe they can accomplish something great (other than getting up on time) today.

3. Cook or bake something for them. Okay this mostly applies to those who you are close to, family, or spouse/GF/BF with. Otherwise it might look and feel weird to randomly give someone a baked item. You could maybe take someone out to lunch in lieu of the baking/cooking idea. Lunch would work for a co-worker. Unless it could be construed as an unwanted advance or affection then that could lead to trouble so maybe you’re better off with number 1.

4. Post it on their Facebook page, tweet about it, or blog about them. But if that is too weird then just go with number one.

5. Offer to walk their dog, give catnip to the cat, a bag of sunflowers for their bird, a nice little castle for the fish, fresh food for the reptile, or something akin to any of those. But wait – that could seem a little too much unless again you are already close to that person. It could be misunderstood (not sure why) as you being aggressive. In which case again – go with #1.

6. Wash their car. Who doesn’t like a nice clean car. And if they notice you had it detailed well than all the better, right? I mean a clean car smells great, looks great, makes you feel great. And that is what this post is all about making someone you care about feel great.  But giving more thought on this one, perhaps it could be seen as car theft. So go with number one.

7. Call their family members and ask where the great person is because it seems like they’ve been hiding from you and all you want to do is show them how great they really are. But do it in a nice way otherwise, you may get smacked with a restraining order. Geez, some people make it so hard to let them know how you feel. You know?

So after I typed all of this out I read it over a few times looking for typos and such and now I think that #2 – #7 could really get a person in trouble. So forget everything except number 1. Tell someone they are number one in your life. And that you appreciate how much they make your life better by just being there and you can’t imagine your life without them, no, no…. hold on. let’s try that again.

Go with number one. Tell someone they are great.

I hope this post made you smile like it was supposed to do.

Yes. Just go with number 1

Weirdness on a Wednesday

Whensday or Wensday that is what you sound like to my ears, but those looks just don’t suit you. Maybe because I’m used to spelling you the way I was taught to spell you.  Oh well here are some other American English oddities……

1. Moose  – singular.   Moose – plural.

2. Goose – Singular.  Geese – plural.

3. House – Singular.  Houses – Plural.

4. Mouse – Singular.  Mice – Plural.

5. Phone not fone

6. Free not phree

7. King not cing

8. Cat not kat

You see where I’m going with this? Language is weird but necessary. This is my native language and I think know that I don’t have it mastered and I probably never will. (lol) My goal is to have enough control that I can effectively write the stories that I choose to write, then have those words understood by those who read them.

Random thought alert – Can you imagine if an entire book was written using text language/spelling? Editors on that one would end up looney for their effort. Hmmm…maybe I could…Nah!  I’ll stick with the boring normal way of spelling.

What sort of Wednesday (wensday) are you having?