5 Things I Love About Writing

Writing is great because it allows my mind to wander free and unfettered by conscious reality.  I think I would batty, nutty, upside down, and fall off into the outer most reaches of insanity if I didn’t write. Since I love something this much, I figured I would see if I could list the top 5 things I love about writing. Besides the whole it keeps me sane thing. 🙂

The 5 things I love about writing:

1. I can create anything I chose to create.

2. Writing is my deepest felt passion. (besides chocolate)

3. With words I find it easy to express myself no matter what the situation or atmosphere.

4. I like entertaining others with words.

5. No batteries required. (Unless you are using a laptop, tablet, or handheld device.) 🙂

Okay so there it is and sometimes it changes, but number two stands for all time. What are your top 5 reasons for writing?