Storming the Brain

So, tomorrow is the day that I start my 5 week writing project. The one where I explore five different writing modes starting with the descriptive mode.

The schedule is  – On Fridays I will post the writing mode, a brief description of that mode, and the draft copy of the writing. The following Wednesday I will post the brief description again and the final copy.

The challenge here is not only writing within a particular mode, but also that I have 7-10 days to complete that writing. For example: this Monday I brain stormed about what subject I wanted to write about in the descriptive mode, made a few notes and a bullet list of the points I wanted to get into the writing. Then on Friday I’ll write it into the post, let it rest in my brain over the weekend, and get the final copy ready to go by Wednesday.

Sounds easy, maybe. The thing is I’m also working on my current novel project, the poetry project, and the open mic event writing for the month. Not to mention keeping up with being a domestic engineer (managing the household stuff).

Needless to say my plate is full, my cup is not half empty, in other words – I am a busy person. But I like the busyness of my life at that moment. 🙂

Oh yeah, the photography and jewelry making are also in that mix of busyness.

It’s all about organizing the schedule for all of it and remembering to get to bed a t a decent time. Also the coffee and chocolate and tea and pretzels and taking walks in the woods.

I have it down to an organizational science. Just in case life intervenes with well, life stuff, I can easily roll with the changes to the schedule. I suppose it comes down to a flexibility science within that organizational thing.


Life is good and so are schedules. List, they are good too. So is music, you have to have the right music. Oh yeah did I mention tea and coffee?

Have a wonderful Thursday!

p.s. Only have a wonderful day if you want to do that, I’m not saying you have to or anything. 🙂

Talk, Sing, Breathe, Reach

A poem for Thursday that was written, by me, on a Tuesday 10 years ago.

Talk, Sing, Breathe, Reach 

August 14, 2001

Talk to me

like the



and strong.

Sing to me

like the



and searching.

Breathe into me

like fire,

full of life

and spirit.

Reach to me

thru the


healing and stable.

Talk to me

Sing to me

Breathe into me

Reach to me

and find me again.

Thoughtful Thursday

Posting a bit of writing on Thursdays has become something that I’m enjoying for the moment. That doesn’t mean that it won’t change in the future.

I like keeping my blog on the eclectic side of life, mostly because it’s an expression of my inner artistic, creative self. Creativity =eclecticism (at least for me it does).

So for today’s thought I present to you a short poem. This poem feels like there may be more hidden within it, but for now, it is this:

My Heart Remains Untouched

by Joelle Wilson

May 2, 2011

The ghosts of the past

are gone,

but my love remains

with my heart untouched.

Enjoy your Thursday, it’s the only one you get this week. 😉