Story Weaving – Arachnophobia Afflicted Beware

Cincinnati Zoo Spider - (c) 2011 Joelle Wilson

Each word used in a story carries its own weight and value. Each word is carefully selected by the author to lay the groundwork for the cloth of the story. Much like the artist selecting each color she uses, the different hues and tints adding its own special quality to the overall painting.

Those words are delicately woven together to form strands of thoughts and sentences are born. Each sentence linking to the next to form levels of story lines that become the paragraphs building up the story. Each paragraph stretching out to form pages. The pages becoming the web that will support the story.

The story when completed will snare a reader’s attention and wrap that person up in it until the story is done. The reader will then rest upon those delicately woven threads   realizing that they have been caught up in the web that the author has created. Smiling and sated the reader will wait in delicious anticipation for the next story.

Anticipating the next discovery, hidden treasure, and long-lost love. Dreaming of faraway places or perhaps just visiting a local museum to find the clues that the murderer has left behind for the police to find. Hiding with held breath, talking only in whispers with the hero as the creature closes in for the kill.

Or perhaps inspired to write a story herself, the avid reader, will begin with a few words that will build into paragraphs. The paragraphs becoming pages and the pages building into a web of her own. Enticing more readers into the story, to climb onto the strands of the web and read.

What are you weaving?