Purple Prose, Rose Colored Glasses, and Stardust Umbrellas

Walking around outside today I saw a few things, but I dare not say what they are or perhaps what they were trying so hard to become.

I dare not say because if I did that, they might become that, and I would have halted their forward momentum of what they were trying so hard to become.

And if I halted their forward momentum, that would’ve been bad because then it would’ve been me, myself and I that would’ve dictated what they were trying so hard to become.

So I just watched from the corner of my eyes and found delight in their imaginings of the flying things that perhaps they were trying so hard to become.

No not quite right, not exactly flying things because now they are changing their imaginings and in changing those things they are changing so many other things that they are trying so hard to become.

The air around seems to breathe in and out of its own accord (but still in its own accordance) and the sun seemed to stimulate their innate inward insistence that they truly know what they are becoming.

The earth seemed to shift, supporting their new bodies, shift to support their new changing, shifting and surprising them with the shifting in support of they have now become.

And last but not least, the wavering water, that they are walking on, weightlessly and wondrously, whisks them away into the final stages of they have become.

I watched this dance, by pure happenstance, and inward felt a joy radiating out from the center of everything that I am, it catapulted and cajoled, twisted and turned, until I nearly felt drained of everything that I am, then –

It settled, the world around me settled and I became more than what I was a moment before.