Marching On With Magnetics

Magnetic poetry has certainly been fun for me and I certainly hope you have also had a bit-o-fun reading the randomness of my magnetic Monday madness. 🙂

I’m going to continue with the Monday poetic postings however, in April there will be a slight change up in the magnetic musings.

April is the month of new beginnings as it is the first full month of Spring in this part of the world. So in following Mother Nature’s format of newness, magnetic Mondays will also be a-changing.

For April I will pull three words from the magnetic words pile and then write a poem based on those words. That is the basic plan for April. I’m pondering on the specifics and will catch you up next week on the finalized edition of said plan.

For now though….on with the magnetic musings of March!

Words that were pulled:

memory   I   for  play  me  music sweet  sing  between   your  wild  let

I rearranged them into:

I sing between

sweet memory,

let your music

play wild for me.

That was a fun one for sure. 🙂

Have a happy-full Monday and may your week shine with memory and music.

Frozen Soul

Frozen Soul

February 18, 2013

Looking at the world through misting eyes

I reach out to find empty air lying next to me,

The comfort I need is not here.

Cold sheets and a broken heart

are my only companions today.

Silence crashes over me as I

pull the covers closer.

I try to reach into the past

to find a light, a small

something to hold onto.

All I find is emptiness and

a frozen soul.


The poem I thought of when I woke up today. It’s a bit down. I think it has to do with me wanting Spring to be sprung.

Hope your Monday is a great one. 🙂

Bored with the blog – Not with blogging.

I’ve gotten bored with my blog, not blogging. I love to write. I love to write little snippets of everyday ordinary things and then share those things with the world. But…

This place needs some changing, pruning, sprucing up, rearranging, and perhaps a snigglet of fine tuning. It’s time. It’s needed. I must do it.

So that is on my agenda for the rest of this week. And I’m still working on getting the new feature going too. I thought it would be up this week at the latest, but…..

Not so. Life threw a few things in the way again. Nothing bad, just things that needed my attention outside of the cyber-sphere. So it looks like next week I will launch “16 Questions”.


This week I feel the need for some early spring cleaning activities. Even though it’s a little bit white and cold outside at the moment, I’m already thinking of Spring. And thinking of Spring makes me want to get up, clean out and get ready for new beginnings. So that is what I’m doing here too. Beginning new things, cleaning out the old junk and refreshing the air.

So bear with me through the fuss,muss and disorderly dust that will most likely pop up. It’s all for the bettering of the blog and my brain. 🙂

When in doubt – clean it out. 

Have a great and wonderful Wednesday.