Begone Monday…I want my Saturday back.

Alright Monday…back off just a little bit will ya?

The weekend went too fast for my liking and now I’m staring down my list of goals for the week thinking that I may have gone overboard just a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, I like goals and I like to list them to keep me focused.



I make too many goals. Especially after I get done with a major chunk of writing and I’m on a sort of writer’s high. Then I’m excited and my energy is humming along at a good pace, I write a list of goals as if I’m writing the next chapter of my book.

From now on I think I’ll take a walk first and burn off some of the high energy before I set my weekly goals to paper.

Now I have to decide which ones I really need to do and which ones I can just ignore (for now).

What about you? Do you ever set too many goals for yourself? If you do, how do you decide which ones to do and which ones to set aside?


Have a great Monday!  🙂