Do you usually remember your dreams?

I don’t remember all of my dreams I do remember a lot of them. I’ve been keeping an active dream journal for many years and I find inspiration in that journal for some of the short stories that I have written.

A short list of facts about the dreams my minds throws at me:

1. My dreams are usually on the fantastic side of life.

2. I have dreams in both color and black and white.

3. They have people both familiar and unfamiliar.

4. Help me resolve issues in my waking life.

5. Take me to what seems like other worldly places at times.

6. Are usually very memorable.

7. I fly in a lot of my dreams. No plane, spaceship, or wings..well sometimes there are wings.


That’s not to say all of my dreams are good, because,as a matter of fact, I have some horrific dreams as well.

The nightmares I have had would rival the best horror films. Notice I stated horror and gore-filled films.

There is one dream/nightmare in-particular that has settled itself in my dreaming mind and refuses to let go. It’s a recurring thing for quite a while now. I have sort of become accustomed to its presence. Maybe I should write that one out as a short story and perhaps it would drift away into the realm of things forgotten.


I do remember my dreams (most, not all), and nightmares (wish I’d forget those). So what about you? Do you remember your dreams/nightmares/sleeping movies?


Have a wonderful Tuesday. And remember: some dreams are worth remembering while others are best left lying in the desert to be dehydrated by the sun.