Realizing the Reality of things

I now realize that I’m having difficulty keeping up with my schedule.

I have put waaaaaaayyyy too much on myself and I can’t keep up the pace. So I’m rearranging things before I get frustrated to the point on inaction.

I’m still going to post mini essays/paragraphs about the different writing modes, however, I will need to do this on a bi-monthly basis rather than weekly.

At first I thought of this as a failure. Now I realize that it isn’t a failure to know what your limits are in life. Not that my life is limited and my creativity is definitely not limited. It’s merely the fact that I have more enriching my life now than just my writing.

So, I am now going to post articles/mini essays/paragraphs (whichever one you’d like to call it) on a bi-monthly schedule. I am enjoying the process of writing within a certain style/mode and do not want to just drop the whole project.

I can feel the relief now that I’m not putting so much on myself. I guess I do that often. At least I realized it and can now move in a good forward direction again.

Lesson learned Universe. lesson learned. 🙂

Have a wonderfully great weekend!

p.s. Or you can just have the weekend that you have. 🙂

Building, Writing and Ripping It Up

Just when I think that I have built the book in its entirety, I see things ( many things) that need to be adjusted and rearranged. Grrrrr!

Going for round three (feels more like 3,000) on the novel. I have to revise most of the middle because I (in my infinite un-wisdom) changed the ending.  So now my family will be subjected to me reading the book out loud, the squeaking of white board markers, the sound of paper tearing and crumpling and possibly a few colorful words thrown about the rooms.

I’m going to schedule in rest periods wherein I’ll hopefully get some other things accomplished this week. Laundry, grocery shopping, car washing, and other household thingies, to name a few.

I’m going to stay offline during the time that I’m writing so I can focus on just writing. I’m not one to usually adhere to a strict writing schedule but I really want to settle my mind when it comes to this novel. So I’m creating a schedule, printing it and sticking on my wall right next to the computer. It’ll stare at me, glare at me and push me to keep my focus.

I’m going to post updates this week too, helps with the whole focus thing. I’ll include other things on the posts too, such as a book give away (not sure what day yet or which book), photo post and poetry. Maybe I’ll put out a few (or one) excerpts from the book. I guess I have a few things yet to be decided upon. lol.

Oh well – Life is what it is today.

That is my plan for the week. What about you, what are you doing this week?