Realizing the Reality of things

I now realize that I’m having difficulty keeping up with my schedule.

I have put waaaaaaayyyy too much on myself and I can’t keep up the pace. So I’m rearranging things before I get frustrated to the point on inaction.

I’m still going to post mini essays/paragraphs about the different writing modes, however, I will need to do this on a bi-monthly basis rather than weekly.

At first I thought of this as a failure. Now I realize that it isn’t a failure to know what your limits are in life. Not that my life is limited and my creativity is definitely not limited. It’s merely the fact that I have more enriching my life now than just my writing.

So, I am now going to post articles/mini essays/paragraphs (whichever one you’d like to call it) on a bi-monthly schedule. I am enjoying the process of writing within a certain style/mode and do not want to just drop the whole project.

I can feel the relief now that I’m not putting so much on myself. I guess I do that often. At least I realized it and can now move in a good forward direction again.

Lesson learned Universe. lesson learned. 🙂

Have a wonderfully great weekend!

p.s. Or you can just have the weekend that you have. 🙂

Realizing that………

I know I’ve made mistakes in my life and I used to think that it’d be great if I could go back, knowing what I know now, and change the past. But something changed today and I really no longer feel that way.

I fully realize that all of those decisions I have made (and will make) have shaped me into the person that I am. I like me.

So I have flung off the mantle of regret, forgiven myself, and have made peace with my past. I feel lighter today and the world looks a little brighter today. I am moving forward again.

Having a vision of what I want now and in the future is exciting.

What about you, are you moving forward?

Have a wonderful Thursday!  🙂