Weirdness on a Wednesday

Whensday or Wensday that is what you sound like to my ears, but those looks just don’t suit you. Maybe because I’m used to spelling you the way I was taught to spell you.  Oh well here are some other American English oddities……

1. Moose  – singular.   Moose – plural.

2. Goose – Singular.  Geese – plural.

3. House – Singular.  Houses – Plural.

4. Mouse – Singular.  Mice – Plural.

5. Phone not fone

6. Free not phree

7. King not cing

8. Cat not kat

You see where I’m going with this? Language is weird but necessary. This is my native language and I think know that I don’t have it mastered and I probably never will. (lol) My goal is to have enough control that I can effectively write the stories that I choose to write, then have those words understood by those who read them.

Random thought alert – Can you imagine if an entire book was written using text language/spelling? Editors on that one would end up looney for their effort. Hmmm…maybe I could…Nah!  I’ll stick with the boring normal way of spelling.

What sort of Wednesday (wensday) are you having?