Dreaming Past The Window

Today’s post relates to the stained glass piece I hanging on my wall. Yes, it’s on my wall and not the window. Why? Well because due to the hot weather we’ve been having I didn’t want the suction cup to come unsunctioned and have the piece fall and break on the window sill.

Outside in my garden (c) 2011 Joelle Wilson

(My lens fogged up a bit when I took this one but I like the effect.)

My aunt made it and my mom gave it to me for my birthday last year. another reason for it to hang on the wall is so I can see it everyday when I sit down at my desk to write. The words on it are: Inspire, Dream, Hope, Believe, Imagine, Create.

For me these words are what my writing is about. Whether I’m composing a poem, writing a creepy story, looking through the keyhole, tumbling down a rabbit hole, speaking to a ghost, or anything else I write, these words are at the heart of my writing.

Hanging on my sliding glass door

Thanks to my Aunt Pam for creating it and thanks to Cheryl Lynn (my mom) for gifting it to me.

On My Wall