Positive Post #17

February 20, 2018

Well, it seems that I have a fallen a few posts behind now. Not to worry though, I’ll get caught up before the end of this month. Afterall, I did set out to post 28 times this month and I mean to stick to that goal. I suppose I’ll double up on a couple of days, but not today.

Today all I have is one question:


What are you passionate about?

That’s it, a simple question. Even if you don’t answer in the comments on this post, answer it for yourself. Better yet, write it out on paper. Tell someone about it. You never know you may inspire someone to share their passion.


I’m passionate about writing and I’m slowly getting back into doing what I love to do  – Write.

I’ll share some snippets of stories, some short stories, and poetry with you over the months.

Good Night.

Have a wonderful night (or day depending on your part of the universe).

Positive Post #11

February 12, 2018

positive thoughts.jpg

This is a good one for me to look at weekly. Specifically the part about speaking my truth.

I resonate with this one quite a lot as of late. I’m starting to write my books again and this time with the intent of finishing them. No deadline set yet, that’ll come later. But it feels good to let my ideas flow again.

Have a wonderful evening.