Marching On With Magnetics

Magnetic poetry has certainly been fun for me and I certainly hope you have also had a bit-o-fun reading the randomness of my magnetic Monday madness. 🙂

I’m going to continue with the Monday poetic postings however, in April there will be a slight change up in the magnetic musings.

April is the month of new beginnings as it is the first full month of Spring in this part of the world. So in following Mother Nature’s format of newness, magnetic Mondays will also be a-changing.

For April I will pull three words from the magnetic words pile and then write a poem based on those words. That is the basic plan for April. I’m pondering on the specifics and will catch you up next week on the finalized edition of said plan.

For now though….on with the magnetic musings of March!

Words that were pulled:

memory   I   for  play  me  music sweet  sing  between   your  wild  let

I rearranged them into:

I sing between

sweet memory,

let your music

play wild for me.

That was a fun one for sure. 🙂

Have a happy-full Monday and may your week shine with memory and music.

Good Morning Monday!

I figure if I greet the day in a positive way,

then positive it shall stay. 🙂


For today’s Magnetically charged post I pulled a few words out of the magnetic box-o-words and then wrote what those words inspired in my writerly brain.

The words – dream, fever, little, universe,

The raw poem that emerged is as follows:

I dream of horse, black as night with feet that struck a chord of

thunder in my soul. And the fever it ignited coursed through my

muscles, tissues and tendons until my every thought was of running

over the ground just feel the earth inside of me.

Little was I aware that at the same moment of thunder and fever inside of me,

across the stars there woke a small spark that spun into itself the music I created until,

Another universe was born.

March Into Magnetic Monday

First poetry post of March 2014. I’ve been having a lot of fun with the magnetic poetry so I’ve decided to keep on with it. So I’ll continue posting the crazy little poems that sprout forth from the magnetic words.

March poetry post #1

nice delicious sound,

did make me ache

for gentle love

that plays the wild moon,

happy infinite power.


Have a wonderful Monday and a great week.

Magnetic Moanday….

Happy Monday Everybody!

I’ve looked forward to Mondays since I’ve been going magnetic all over them. 🙂

This is the last Monday in February all ready, going into the third month of 2014 in less than a week, and it seems to me like it’s going fast. Perhaps that is just a result of getting another year older, or maybe it’s due to the fact that I’ve been busy.

Well whatever the reason, it’s been good so far.

This week’s magnetic Moanday (hahaha) is from the zombie poetry set. I dumped out some words and then rearranged it a bit. I hope you do enjoy it.



the rotten soulless zombie

with his full undead grave

chased my human brain,

I wander, stumble, mindless

plague planet, insane.


I hope your Monday is a goodly one.