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Park Photos

Here are a couple of recent photos. The first one is a very foggy day in December 2012 and the others are from last week.

Fog On The River 12/12

Fog On The River 12/12

Snowy Gazebo 1/13

Snowy Gazebo 1/13

2013 Park Photo

2013 Park Photo

At the Park

A few Peaceful tree shots.


Have a wonderfully great weekend. 🙂

Triple Crack Park

Wonderful day yesterday at the park (actual name is Triple Creek Park) with my sister and her kids. Loved watching the kids run around on the play equipment. And then seeing them laugh at the ducks and geese was absolutely priceless.

No pics of the kids to share but here are some photos of the wild life.


Not sure, but I think this one was a little unhappy about the intrusion into his space. 😉

Duck Butt - yes I had to get that photo!

Strange things in the water. lol