Watercolor Wednesday

Oh Carp! I was so busy today with rearranging my apartment that I forgot (until now) to post this little tid-bit.

This is part of the digital photo project I’m working on. I love the digital format. I can do so much more with processing and editing my work.

I’m editing flower photos and decided to put a watercolor filter on some of them. Here are a couple of the finished ones.

Watercolor Flower 5 (c) 2011 Joelle Wilson Photography



Watercolor Flower 9 (c) 2011 Joelle Wilson Photography


Have a great night or day depending on which timezone you are viewing this in. 🙂

Here’s Mine – Show Me Yours

Bring your mind up from the place it was wandering, I mean writing space. Show me your writing space. Below you’ll find a picture of mine. It’s not always this clean. I shined it up a bit for your visit. 🙂

We Heart YA post for a peek at their writing spaces.

A glimpse of my favorite Urban Fantasy author’s office space – Kim Harrison. You may have to scroll down the page a bit.

Check out The Writer’s Cave for a look-see into other author’s writing spaces.

If you care to share a peek at your writing space – In the comments section leave a link to your blog where I can find a photo of your space.