Maniacal Monday

Today is set for uber busy times.

I have a lot to do this week and today is probably the bulkiest day of to do stuff.

Beyond the normal everyday household things that keep me busy through out the week, I have finally organized my writing notes into something more cohesive. Also, my poetry is organized in binders now due to the dust collection in the paper file folders and me sneezing like crazy when I’d go though them.

So – No more excuses! Today I hit the rewrites harder than I have been doing this year.

I also have organized (finally) the jewelry making supplies so I also, have no more excuses. I will get to the creating of wearable art and getting those things up on Etsy. 

Next on the big list is bringing a storage cabinet up from the basement and into the small room, a.k.a. closet, to further organize the things in that area.

Sometimes  I go into overdrive with the organizing, having fun with the organizing, that I get lost within- the organizing.

Then I run out of time before the household starts jumping with after school and after work things. That is actually one of the things on my to do list too, not getting lost in the various organizational worm holes.  🙂




 I know where things are now that I’m completely unpacked after moving (it only took a smidge over a year). I feel better now that life in general is more organized. I can breathe and get to it. 

Whatever you are doing this week, have fun with it. 🙂