Thoughtful Thursday

Thinking deep thoughts today.

Space deep.

Ocean deep.

Word deep.

Deep deep.

If you keep saying the word deep it becomes a monotone sound in your mind. Try it, I dare ya.

Really though, the thoughts are running fast and deep today.

Today I am getting a few poems polished and shiny for an open mic event that I go to where I read my work. Even though I’ve been doing this open mic thing for a few years now, I still get stage fright nervousness every time. I’m trying to make it work for me though and not against me. I just imagine that no one is there, staring at me, expecting something great to fall out of my mouth.

Okay that was a weird visual.


How do you face down your fears?

p.s. There is nothing to fear but fear itself….hmmm… have you seen the size of some spiders?

Slideshow Of an Open Mic Event

Creativa Cincinnati at the Cincinnati Mall Saturday April 14, 2012. We had some great performers of music and the written word. If you are in the area (or planning on being in the area, or passing through) and you would like to see a unique open mic event then check out Creativa. You can stop in and get inspired, perform, network with like minded creative people, or just sit back and listen.

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