Things are changing around here

I have given some thought to the changes I need to make at this blog.

I need to change it completely.

It’s a little bit sad and a whole lot of happy.

I need to shut this blog down, delete it, release it to the past where it belongs.

You see, when I started this blog 5 years ago I was in different frame of mind and it was titled appropriately.

Chasing Moonlight represented the way I was writing back then, but I don’t want to chase things anymore. I want to, need to, finish things and I realized that by always chasing – I never caught what it was I was chasing.

I still write – a lot – at night and I most likely always will as it its part of who I am as a writer. I’ve also changed who I am as a writer in other ways.

So to keep in line with changing I need to change this too, my blog.

I’m still going to have an online presence I like the way it feels to keep in touch with you, the reader of these words. So I’m in the process of starting another blog on this website for sure. I’ll keep this one going for a bit so that those who would like to keep reading my sometimes silly posts, sometimes serious posts and sometimes a bit outside the realm posts, can follow the links to the new blog.

This major change will, I believe, spark a whole new slew of posts and writing.

Thanks for hanging out with me here and I look forward to the new (as yet untitled) blog.

Have a wonderful week. 🙂

Imagine My Surprise

Well It seems I failed to correctly schedule yesterday’s post. I twas supposed to be the final copy of the descriptive mode writing. It was indeed a good lesson in paying attention to what I’m doing at the moment.

You see, I scheduled it for the wrong date and that is the reason why there was post on Wednesday. I do apologize for that little snafu. Lesson learned.

Anyway, here is the post that should’ve been here yesterday.

I sit by his crib for hours just watching him breath and wondering if the twitching is in reaction to a dream or something else. His nurse comes by every thirty minutes to check on him and write down the information on his chart attached to the end of his crib.

Reaching into his crib I touch his small hand. Soft and yielding, yet there is an inner strength there that I know is building. Waking up he grasps my hand. Each tiny finger wrapping around my hand and our eyes meet for the first time. The world around us hushes and we are the only two in this place. The only thing that matters here in this moment is the bond that being created.

Then just as quick the moment fades and the incessant clicking, beeping and whirring of machines steals back in to shatter that peace. I want my touch to heal him so that we can go home to begin our new life path. I know that is not possible. Fighting back the tears I kiss his little hand and tuck it back under the blanket, making sure not to dislodge the IV tubes and wires.

This is just day one and I wonder how many days it’ll be before I can hold him, snuggle him  close and let him know just how much I already love him.