Simply Short

The rough beginning of a new one….

The pieces were found on the hillside next to highway 81. It was the sunlight reflecting off of the pilot’s window that caught our attention.  But even from the vantage point of 600 feet off of the ground, I couldn’t see all of it.

Once that first section was found I radioed the ground search team to converge on the area. It seemed impossible that anyone would have survived, but we had to keep searching.

The next piece that was located was a large portion of the main cabin. It still had the wheel chair strapped into the handicap section, although no one was in it. Secretly I was glad we didn’t find the person that was had been in that seat.  Finding bodies face down in the dirt is one thing, but to find a body still in it’s seat with that look of terror etched on their face, well that’s something I just don’t want to see again.

The search teams were starting to radio in about finding the rest of flight 469. The 767 took off from Carlson Airport 2 days ago and then disappeared from radar screens 2.5 hours after. There were no 911 calls reporting a crash, nothing on the internet, no cell phone videos,


I have a few more paragraphs written but I’m not entirely sure where it’s going yet. I’ll update as I write this one.

Have a great Wednesday. 🙂

Music is the Inspiration of the Soul

Check out this video by Clare Maguire for her song Ain’t Nobody.

Q. What can music inspire?

A. Art, Beauty, Love, Writing, Music, Poetry, Dreams, Life.

Simple answer for a such a thought-provoking question, I know. But how can you really encapsulate the inspiration of music in words and not have those words continue for years?

When I sit down to write I usually have music playing in the background. It helps to block-out the world and my words flow from my brain to the page. Whether I’m writing it long hand on paper first or typing it out on the computer, music frees the writer’s brain.

When I was younger I would turn on the stereo a.k.a record player, get out a stack of 45’s or LP’s, grab my pen and notebook and escape into my inner world of words. I loved the sound of those first notes sparking to life, igniting the flow of words. I also had my favorite playlists a.k.a. mix tapes that I would listen to when I was tired of getting up to change the records. Now it’s a little different.

I grab my mp3 player, put on my headphones or ear buds, start playing the favorite music of the day, sit down at my computer and escape into that inner world of words. And yes I still do write things out long hand in my many notebooks, journals, and scraps of paper. It’s just that when I get into the ‘writing zone’ I find that I type faster than I can write.

I can and do write without any music playing, usually when I’m at the park and I let nature work her magic in my writer’s soul. I have also been inspired by paintings, photographs, family, and friends. But music is still my first and foremost inspirational influence.

The type of music can be anything from Dvorak to ZZ Top. From A Capella to techno, blues to heavy metal, music brings me to a place of connection with my muse. Without music the world is just to quiet.

What music have you been inspired by?