Positive Post #13

February 14, 2018

I bet you were expecting something reference Valentine’s Day.  Something about love, eternal, love, visionary, love, or love of love.


It’s sort of a post like that. Kind of, maybe, at least it’s a variation of that concept.

It’s a list of links to Five things I really like.

  1. This TED talk about the universe.  Jedidah Isler first fell in love with the night sky as a little girl. Now she’s an astrophysicist who studies supermassive hyperactive black holes
  2. This YouTube video about the youngest poetry slam winner in Australia. Solli Raphael poetry slam winner in Australia
  3. This video that got me hooked on Lindsey Stirling’s awesome violin music. Lindsey Stirling – Dubstep Violin original song
  4. This Photo of the Green Tree Frog (not my photo) an animal I really like. It’s cute. The photo is from this page that has the details of this cute little one – 
  5. And lastly here is a link to check out the incredible Fairy Art of Amy Brown .


Have great Wednesday!

Marching On With Magnetics

Magnetic poetry has certainly been fun for me and I certainly hope you have also had a bit-o-fun reading the randomness of my magnetic Monday madness. 🙂

I’m going to continue with the Monday poetic postings however, in April there will be a slight change up in the magnetic musings.

April is the month of new beginnings as it is the first full month of Spring in this part of the world. So in following Mother Nature’s format of newness, magnetic Mondays will also be a-changing.

For April I will pull three words from the magnetic words pile and then write a poem based on those words. That is the basic plan for April. I’m pondering on the specifics and will catch you up next week on the finalized edition of said plan.

For now though….on with the magnetic musings of March!

Words that were pulled:

memory   I   for  play  me  music sweet  sing  between   your  wild  let

I rearranged them into:

I sing between

sweet memory,

let your music

play wild for me.

That was a fun one for sure. 🙂

Have a happy-full Monday and may your week shine with memory and music.

The Mindful Muse

So far this month I have crafted 16 poems. Not all of them are finalized. I’m letting them simmer at the moment. Letting the creative imaginings seep deep within the words until the time is right and I carefully edit them. Pruning, dissecting, analyzing, and making them complete.

This poem is still in transition but I’m posting it anyway. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Music Is My Muse

April 6, 2012

Music is muse.

A sacred circle of rhythms and vision.

Creating within me a beauty of words that free fall from my mind,

through my hands to the page.


Music is my muse.


All music inspires an attack of letters that coalesce and spin into

a diatribe of nothingness, of oneness, of things separate and together.


These words torture my brain until I allow them escape to the pages, then and only then,

will I rest. When these ideas and thoughts have found a home, I feel at home, at peace.


Music is my muse.


And I am descended upon day and night by the call to write, to create a world for you to fall into.


A place to rest your mind, a place to find your inspiration. A home for your wayward mind to relax and be at peace for the length of a word, a sentence, a paragraph and page.


Music is my muse.


I give in to my muse, I give in to the ideas, I give in to the words that break through. I must give in. I have to release things upon the pages of my world.


There is a need within me to feed my muse. A need within to heed my muse. A call within my soul. A transistor that radiates, that meditates, a frequency that I hear. A place that is home to me is within the words.


Music is my muse.


It plays upon my soul and my heart. Forever beating inside me, forever making me a part of itself.


My words are music to the muse within me and she dances while I write. She dances while I sing and play. She dances as I breathe life into these words. Then we dance together and the music plays on.