A Really Bad Poem

Once upon a daytime sunny my muse thought it’s be really funny to sit upon my highest shelf, to try and make me laugh at myself as I banged my head upon my keyboard yelling out – Nevermore! 

I’m stuck in the middle where things get murky and all I can think about is that muse being smirky as I just continue to bang my head against that invisible wall, the place where this frakking book has seemed to stall out.

Well I stood up and shook the shelf hoping to make that smirked up muse fall on itself and no these lines don’t make much sense but then that is the consequence of too little sleep and too much caffeine. 

But onward I know I much press if nothing else to release some stress over these sentences that I have written knowing full well I have been bitten by the need to keep on writing so it’s time I stop this internal fighting and sit down in a friendly fashion and let my muse work out it’s magical passion through my brain and out to the page.

Untie Your Muse

Never write what you think you should write, it ties up your muse. Always write what you want to write, then your muse will dance with you.

Seriously. Not kidding. Try it. It’s the gateway to a better understanding of yourself and your writing style.

Have a great weekend! 🙂

The Mindful Muse

So far this month I have crafted 16 poems. Not all of them are finalized. I’m letting them simmer at the moment. Letting the creative imaginings seep deep within the words until the time is right and I carefully edit them. Pruning, dissecting, analyzing, and making them complete.

This poem is still in transition but I’m posting it anyway. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Music Is My Muse

April 6, 2012

Music is muse.

A sacred circle of rhythms and vision.

Creating within me a beauty of words that free fall from my mind,

through my hands to the page.


Music is my muse.


All music inspires an attack of letters that coalesce and spin into

a diatribe of nothingness, of oneness, of things separate and together.


These words torture my brain until I allow them escape to the pages, then and only then,

will I rest. When these ideas and thoughts have found a home, I feel at home, at peace.


Music is my muse.


And I am descended upon day and night by the call to write, to create a world for you to fall into.


A place to rest your mind, a place to find your inspiration. A home for your wayward mind to relax and be at peace for the length of a word, a sentence, a paragraph and page.


Music is my muse.


I give in to my muse, I give in to the ideas, I give in to the words that break through. I must give in. I have to release things upon the pages of my world.


There is a need within me to feed my muse. A need within to heed my muse. A call within my soul. A transistor that radiates, that meditates, a frequency that I hear. A place that is home to me is within the words.


Music is my muse.


It plays upon my soul and my heart. Forever beating inside me, forever making me a part of itself.


My words are music to the muse within me and she dances while I write. She dances while I sing and play. She dances as I breathe life into these words. Then we dance together and the music plays on.