I Never Thought About

Right Here, Right Now

May 1, 2012

Never thought about


because this moment is

all I have.


Never thought about the future

that much

because all I have is this



Never wanted to plan and

map out my life

all I want is each moment

as they happen.


All I want is right here

and right now,

I can’t look past this minute

I don’t know how.


Never thought that anything

would last

beyond this moment.


Never thought about holding

hands with time,

All I have is this moment

right here.


Never think about tomorrow

its too far to see

Never think much about the future

and that is fine with me.


I don’t have the seer’s touch

I just live in the here and now

and that’s alright with me.


I don’t need to know what the

future holds

Because all I need is right here

right now.

Resolutely Resolving Resolutions (or something like that)

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012!

It has to be better than 2010. Because it’s rule of mine that the new year must be better than the last.

And now on with it…….

Okay so here’s my first post of 2012, the year that is supposed to be a total doomsday at the end but that’s another story, and this one is about resolutions.

Yeah I remember that about a week (more or less) ago I posted something about resolutions, I thought I’d continue on that same thought vibe.

Okay and I think I’ll add a few (or one) to the list.

Alright I’ll make this post a list. I like lists. Lists are friendly reminders of ideas yet to be fulfilled.

1. Write more.

2. Submit the writing to magazines.

3. Laugh more.

4. Be happier with myself.

5. Write more. (I know but it deserves to get stated twice)

6. Be more proactive in my life and less reactive. (okay that sounded better in my head than it looks typed out.)

7. Make the moments something to remember.

That’s about all I have to add. What about you out there in cyber-land, are resoluting anything?