Imago of Death – Second Writing Campaign Challenge

The second campaign challenge is here and it looks more challenging than the first, which is good – I think. I had to stretch my writing muscles for this one.

My entry follows the rules you can scroll down if you aren’t participating, know the challenge, or you just want to get to the writing.


The Challenge is: Write a blog post in 200 words or less, excluding the title. It can be in any format, whether flash fiction, non-fiction, humorous blog musings, poem, etc.

The blog post should:

include the word “imago” in the title

include the following 4 random words: “miasma,” “lacuna,” “oscitate,” “synchronicity,”


If you want to give yourself an added challenge (optional and included in the word count), make reference to a mirror in your post.

For those who want an even greater challenge (optional), make your post 200 words EXACTLY!

Imago Of Death

The dead crawled out from the lacuna that opened from the synchronicity of breaking the mirrors. I told the others not to break them,  it felt wrong. They listened to the elders instead of the seers. Afraid of doing something different, now we’re all screwed.

When those dead things oscitate, the miasma that spews out of their gaping maws choke the life energy from everything it touches. Those green tendrils seek out life and I’m not staying here to watch it happen.

There is a door to another realm. I saw the updates about it, couldn’t miss the trending on twitter about that door. The reports said it’s a mirror in the middle of Harken Lake. I normally don’t go for diving into deep, unknown water but tonight I’m making an exception.

Legs are aching from running; lungs feeling like there isn’t enough clean air left to breathe. I can see the lake shimmering in the moonlight. I’m going to make it. The sign says one hundred feet to the lake. But what is that gathering on the shoreline?

No! How did they get here so fast?  I can’t make it. I take a deep breath and succumb to death.

If you like it you can always vote for me. I’m number 131.  🙂 And if you participated in the challenge leave a link with your comment so I can read yours too. 🙂


Miasma – Vaporous exhalation that was thought to cause disease.

Oscitate – To gape or yawn.

Lacuna – Blank space or missing part.

Synchronicity – Coincidental occurring of events.

Imago – Idealized image of another person or self.