Busy Busy Busy……………………..

Today’s post title sums up my day today.

But I don’t mind it……………….too much.


That I Forgot…(oops)

That today is Magnetic Monday. The last one in March.

It’s a bit later than I usually post but I did remember it…finally…a..bit…late. 🙂

The words today are:

moonlight, madness, corpse, love, whispers, terrifying, soft. 

You see.. I mixed together the words for the zombie set and the regular set. Ha!

So here it goes:

the terrifying moonlight

shows the corpse as it whispers

in soft love

to the madness that has

claimed it’s humanity in the moonlight.




Have a great week.

If any zombies try to whispers to you in the madness of moonlight, I’d run away. Really. 😉




And Then I Feel Love

I’m very much enjoying sifting through my older writing. I especially like reading the poetry because I can sort of see into the past through those words, my words. I can see where I was at the time emotionally and spiritually. Today I’m sharing a poem from 1995.

I hope you enjoy this one.

And Then I Feel Love 

March 21, 1995

I stand to see

the ocean,

I walk to the

shore to stand

in her waves.

I draw in the

sand, the

pictures of a

thousand years,

and I see the


I speak to the

wind to find

my own answers,

I hear the words

of a thousand

sages come echoing

back to me.

I wrap myself in

the leaves of the

oak, the strength

seeming to carry

me thru all mist.

I stand to see the


I walk to the shore

and feel the

sand on my feet,

in my hands,

and in my hair.

Now I am carried

by the winds,

flying to the

sun, to the heart

of the world itself.

I feel the water

as I stand in the

waterfall of wisdom,

the knowledge

pouring straight into

my soul,

my heart,

my life,

and then I feel love.

(c) 1995 Joelle Wilson

Yeah it’s still a bit rough and I can see where I can tweak it to make it flow a little better, but I like this one in the raw.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

Monday Four Mix-Up

Here’s a mix of blog entries that caught my eye today:

1. Nathan Bransford – Nice blog entry reference getting your book published.

2. Tami Etherton  at A Cup of Tea and Sorcery – Wonderful blog post about friends, birthdays, and an adult beverage recipe. (looks yummy).

3. Ollin Morales at Courage To Create – Love the message in his post today. A must read.

4. Kim Harrison (only my fave author) – At her blog today another snippet of her writing life. Read the entry and then look around. And then go out and buy her books – you will not be disappointed by any of them. Really…you won’t..they are great. And did I mention she IS my Favorite author?


These are Monday Four Mix-up for this week. I know, I know there are sooo many great blogs out there – I just don’t have the room to list them all. 😉

Go outside today and look around, take a deep breath, then listen. You may be surprised by what you hear.

Exquisitely Imperfect

I’ve realized a few things in my life and the biggest realization (to date) is that life is exquisitely imperfect.

My imperfections makes me uniquely me. I’m not the same as anyone else, I’m not perfect. I love the mistakes I’ve made in my life they’ve brought to the place that I’m in right now, here in this moment.

Imperfections allow me to be in the moment and focus on each moment in order to fully experience and embrace each moment.

Allowing myself to fully embrace my imperfections allows me to learn and grow from each experience that I have.

Allowing myself to love my imperfections, gives me the necessary breathing room to jump into the flow of life.

Jumping into the flow of life allows me to breathe easier and think more freely. Being exquisitely imperfect is just being.

Embrace your imperfections, embrace yourself and dive into the flow of life.

Have a great Thursday. 🙂