The first of January in the year 2013

HAPPY 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I’ve started to go through boxes of my son’s old school papers and I came across a bookmark from his English class.

One side lists five modes of writing and on the other side there is a list of what to do when you are writing,

So I thought it would be fun to do a five-week series about those items on the bookmark. One post per week stating what kind of writing I will do and another post that will have the finished piece.

It will definitely exercise my writer’s brain as I stay on subject and within the specific type of writing, I’m thinking that this is also a fun way to start the new year.


Here is a list of what is on the bookmark:

Side one – The Modes of Writing

1. Descriptive

2. Narrative

3. Imaginative

4. Expository

5. Persuasive

Side Two – When Writing Don’t Forget To

1. Prewrite

2. Rough Draft

3. Read Aloud

4. Revise

5. Edit

6. Publish and Share

Hope your start to 2013 is a positive one and that the year continues in that way,


p.s. Yes there are thirteen exclamation points in the beginning of this post. 🙂


Begone Monday…I want my Saturday back.

Alright Monday…back off just a little bit will ya?

The weekend went too fast for my liking and now I’m staring down my list of goals for the week thinking that I may have gone overboard just a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, I like goals and I like to list them to keep me focused.



I make too many goals. Especially after I get done with a major chunk of writing and I’m on a sort of writer’s high. Then I’m excited and my energy is humming along at a good pace, I write a list of goals as if I’m writing the next chapter of my book.

From now on I think I’ll take a walk first and burn off some of the high energy before I set my weekly goals to paper.

Now I have to decide which ones I really need to do and which ones I can just ignore (for now).

What about you? Do you ever set too many goals for yourself? If you do, how do you decide which ones to do and which ones to set aside?


Have a great Monday!  🙂


Snippets Of Selfishness

Just a quickie post today. Kind of all about me. Being selfish. Sometimes you just have to be that way. 🙂

The rewrite of The Unmaker is continuing. And I’m disappointed by that fact. I say that because I feel like I should have it done by now, I wanted to have it done by now. I think that the reason why is I did not give myself a deadline.

So in order to rectify that little oversight I hereby give myself the deadline of December 21, 2012. No wait that’s a deadline for something else. At least I think it is. Seems as though I’ve heard Something about that date.  😉

Okay enough giggling. My deadline for finishing The Unmaker is – November 30, 2011. That’s it, now I’ve done it. Committed it to paper and this post. and I’ll post weekly updates on the process so I can keep myself focused. Printing out a list of to-do stuff, weekly goal sheets, charts and other ‘tools’ to keep myself on track, because I love to that kind of thing too.

This kind of process helped me to get a first draft finished earlier this year. So it stands to reason that it’ll work again. I don’t know why I didn’t do this already. I mean I love lists and such things with numbers and bullet points.  🙂

Maybe a word count and page count widget on my blog. Or some kind of calendar thing that counts down the days, hours and minutes to my deadline. Hmm…..

Thanks for reading this rather self-indulgent post today. Words of wisdom and advice are always welcome.