Monday Morning

Well today since its  rainy and filled with gloom I thought I’d share a photo with you of some lilies in bloom.


Have a wonderful Monday !

Inspired by a picture.

Lay down my mind

by Joelle Wilson

August 25, 2011

I need to go where the lilies float and

lay down my mind for a while.

I need to sleep without dreaming and

lay down my mind for a while.

I need to walk beside the ocean and let Her calm fill in the restless

holes in my self.

I need to run across the desert just to hear

the coyotes howling at me.

I want to lie down for a while where the lilies float and dream

my thoughts into the water.

I want to dream my eyes awake again and see

the world as it lives.

I want to walk across the moonlit fields and feed my

spirit in the wild.

I wan to run through the ever shifting landscape

of my hopes and wishes just to see if I can reach them.

I want to lay my mind down for a while

I need to lay my mind down for a while.

The picture that inspired this poem can be found here —->

You’ll know the one when you see it.  What inspires the muse in you?