Attention Wednesday…

Good Afternoon!

Wednesday, middle of the week, the look back and look forward day.

These are the things I think of when I think of Wednesday. I also think of how it isn’t spelled the way that it sounds. Which seems to be true of most of the english language.

Okay brain do not digress please.

Have to keep it on track.


The look back and look forward day.

I set aside time on Wednesdays to review my goals for the week that I have accomplished and those that are still in front of me.

I started this in December actually and it felt right for me so I am sticking with it.

Goals have always been a challenge for me to keep. It was because I normally set too many large goals, set them for the year, and then felt so overwhelmed by that the task of completing them that — I just didn’t do them.

(Stay with me here I know I posted about goals already this month)

So I thought about it for a while and came up with the idea of just doing monthly goals. That also didn’t feel quite right for me. Again I became overwhelmed in trying to accomplish the goals I set for myself.

I once again sat back and thought about it for a while.

Then it struck me….weekly goals.

One week. Seven days.

Seemed plausible, doable, probable, and even possible.

I tried it and at first it felt odd. Only looking a the week ahead. When I accomplished my first set of weekly goals I felt good about it. So I did it again. It worked for a second week so I figured I go for a third and it stuck.

Weekly goals. It is doable for me. Easier for me to wrap my brain around the week rather than the year or month.


I feel very good about this weekly goal setting thing. So I wanted to, needed to post about it again. I like sharing the things that work for me. One of my goals for this week is to share with you the weekly pages that I print out and write in my weekly goals.

I searched for a few days to find the right ones, the most comfortable ones for me. I indeed found them. I had as much fun searching for the weekly planner pages as I have using them.

Yes. I have fun setting goals now because I relaxed and found my goal flow. It’s weekly. It’s fun. It’s me.


If you would like to see the site that I found my very cool weekly pages click here and it will take you to The Scattered Squirrel website. They are free printables. Yes Free. I use the weekly to-do sheets. There are other ones on the page to look at so take your time and see which one you resonate with then print it out and get your goal on.



Happy 2016!!!

It’s the first week of 2016 and I’m starting off with good energy.

I have a good goal plan in place and I’m feeling positive that I can accomplish my goals.

The plan is to have weekly goals instead of yearly or even monthly.

Weekly feels – doable.

Weekly feels – happy.

Weekly cuts out the anxiety I feel when trying to set goals for the year and month.

Weekly feels good because if something happens that causes a disruption in the plan I can easily and happily rework the goal for the week. It won’t disrupt the whole month.


It leaves room for spontaneous happenings of goodliness.

2016 I welcome you.

Hope your 2016 is starting out in a good direction.

Things are changing around here

I have given some thought to the changes I need to make at this blog.

I need to change it completely.

It’s a little bit sad and a whole lot of happy.

I need to shut this blog down, delete it, release it to the past where it belongs.

You see, when I started this blog 5 years ago I was in different frame of mind and it was titled appropriately.

Chasing Moonlight represented the way I was writing back then, but I don’t want to chase things anymore. I want to, need to, finish things and I realized that by always chasing – I never caught what it was I was chasing.

I still write – a lot – at night and I most likely always will as it its part of who I am as a writer. I’ve also changed who I am as a writer in other ways.

So to keep in line with changing I need to change this too, my blog.

I’m still going to have an online presence I like the way it feels to keep in touch with you, the reader of these words. So I’m in the process of starting another blog on this website for sure. I’ll keep this one going for a bit so that those who would like to keep reading my sometimes silly posts, sometimes serious posts and sometimes a bit outside the realm posts, can follow the links to the new blog.

This major change will, I believe, spark a whole new slew of posts and writing.

Thanks for hanging out with me here and I look forward to the new (as yet untitled) blog.

Have a wonderful week. 🙂

Monday Morning Meandering

Happy Monday and Good Morning!

First of all I want to start out sating ‘Good Morning!” again. 🙂

Second of all I would like to tell you about a little positive thinking experiment I have been doing for a week. Starting off with a little background info that led to the experiment.

I had found myself becoming mired down in the murky-mucky of negativity. I started to feel overwhelmed with all of the things that I needed to accomplish. Not just the daily activities of cleaning the house but also looking at the things I needed to accomplish as a writer, mother,  crafter of jewelry, and photographer. I also needed to go through all of the boxes that I recently brought home from the storage unit that I had for a year. Those boxes are dusty and kind of stink from that dust.

I saw all of these things to do as one huge task and I started to feel as if it were physically weighing me down. I didn’t like it at all, no not one bit. All of this crap, all of this ….


I felt the negative energy filling up my body and it colored the way I looked at everyday life. I started to not like anything. Even the smallest thing to do felt like a mountain. I was completely overwhelmed with life, that was how I felt. All I wanted to do was find a cave to go into so I could hide. I became depressed, irritable , and bitchy towards everyone and everything. Then I was irritable towards myself for being irritable towards everyone else. A cycle of negativity was born.

I didn’t like it but I didn’t feel like I could change anything for the better so I just gave in to it. I allowed that negativity to take over and control how I saw things and how I reacted to things. I had been fighting it for a while now and it actually felt good to just let It win. Not the best choice for a happy life but it was what I had chosen.

Lately it started to get worse. I didn’t like it anymore, I wanted something different. I wanted to change. I didn’t know how. I’d forgotten how to let it go and be happy again.

I started reading a book titled “When You’re Falling Dive” by Cheri Huber.  A good friend of mine recommended it to me. As I was reading it, the words began to take hold in my subconsciousness. I agreed with the words and feeling of what I was reading but still didn’t know how to get it going inside of me. What I didn’t realize at the time was that it was taking root. I just needed to feed the ideas so that they would grow. A few couple of weeks went past.

Then, and I don’t know exactly when but I know it was in the middle of the night, I had an epiphany of sorts. I knew that I could go on feeling weighed down, exhausted, crappy, disgusted with life and everything in it, or I could consciously change that mode of thinking.

So I changed the thinking thing.

It was as if I flipped a switch and changed my point of view about what I was doing and how I was reacting to life. It wasn’t easy for me and I actually argued with myself about the pros and cons of even attempting this changing thinking thing. So I made a deal with myself about it.

I would, for one week, wake up every morning thinking that it was a good day regardless of how I physically felt or what was going on around me. I repeated this to myself through out the day. It was weird at first, but as the first day became the second, then the third, and so on…

I remembered something.

I remembered how good it felt to feel good.

For too long now I had chosen (for one reason or another), to allow the negativity around me to infect me. It did feel like an infection too. I felt tired, worn out, like I was coming down with a cold when really it was only the typical allergies thing. I could see then, just how much I had allowed the negativity to seep into every space in my being.

I didn’t berate myself for feeling negative, I actually felt thankful for the opportunity to re-learn how good it feels to feel good.

After a solid week of doing this positive thinking in the morning thing, I feel good and I’m sticking with it.

I know that I may slip back into the negative pool of sludge that is still hanging around waiting for me, but at least now I know how to pull myself out of it.

Have a Great day, or not, the choice is yours. 🙂

P.S. I still need to go through the stinky old boxes, but I don’t feel overwhelmed by the task. I’m thinking of how good it will feel to have gone through all of them. I’ll either donate, toss out, or sell at a yard sale the physical items that no longer serve a useful purpose in my life.

Simple Things = Happiness and Freedom

My son bought a bike on Wednesday.

Simple sentence.

Simple thing to do, nothing complicated about buying a bike.

And yet,

It brought about feelings of happiness and freedom.

Rather the freedom that my son now has, brought about the feelings of happiness in him. I know and he does too, that the act of buying is not what made him happy. It’s the freedom he is now experiencing.

Where as before he had to walk to the local stores and he felt limited by not being able to go further than a few blocks from his apartment. The bike enables him to experience more, and he is excited about “getting out into the world” as he put it. 🙂

He doesn’t have cable television, internet, a game system, or his own computer. He does have more freedom to explore.

Watching him experiencing happiness is also such a simple thing.

But seeing that brought great joy to this mother’s heart.

Have a wonderful weekend and find happiness in the simple things in your life. 🙂