Leaping Through The Doorway

Making the leap this year, going to do it, I am doing it. Oh Carp, I’m still standing on the edge. Why do I not just jump already?

I’m talking about writing competitions. There are always advertisements out there about one contest or another to win money. trips, a spot in an anthology or magazine. A writer can get overwhelmed when deciding on which ones to enter. I know..I’m one of them.

So I researched a whole slew (no I don’t know how much is in a slew, but it’s a lot), of contests and have come up with one option for me. Writer’s Digest. That’s it for this year  at least at the time of this post that is the one. Or rather ones, I’m entering.

I’m going for it with a few of them. And I don’t mind admitting that I’m a bit unnerved by this choice of mine. I mean it’s one thing to have your writing/critique group review your work and give their feedback, that’s safe. Being judged in a contest – scares the words out of me and feels like I’m hanging over a cliff that has something you can’t see at the bottom. And you know if you drop you may not die, but you know some kind of creature is waiting to gleefully grab onto you and …well I’m not sure although it cannot be a good thing.

I’m doing it despite or rather in spite of my fears. The self-critic wails that it’s not a good idea, you’ll fail you know, you’re not good enough..blah..blah..blah. Tired of that carp too. (yeas I know I said carp and not crap – twice now)

Maybe the short story will center around my fear of entering writing contests. I’m just so non-competitive, can I really do this?  (stop it nagging negative inner voice.) Okay sorry about that, anyway…..  I can do this, I am doing this, I must do this. There take that inner critic that takes joy in being overly critical – ha!- I silence you.

Yeah – see what happens when I get nervous. I ramble on and on just saying (typing) whatever happens to cross thru my consciousness. It’s an affliction I tell ya. Maybe backing off the coffee could help, but I really don’t think so. Perhaps deep breathing. Breathe in (count to four), breathe out (count to four – no I don’t know why four it just sounds good). Then repeat the process.

Okay that worked – a little. Still have a nervous stomach, feeling jumpy – so I may as well leap.


Well, I’m finishing the stories first. I’ll keep you in the loop (or maybe google circle) of how it goes.

So how many out there have done the contest thing? Did you survive intact? Oh by the way – this post was inspired by friends posting about contests. Brave souls that they are have made the leap. They are – Sarah Wedgbrow and Stephanie Mooney.