Fine With a Touch of Goodly

Good Morning Monday! How are you today?

Me? I’m doing just fine with a touch of goodly.

Staying on schedule (so far) with everything and today is promising to keep the goodliness going.

I know it’s bit dreary in the Ohio valley area but It’s inspiring me to sit at the keyboard and bang out a few more revisions on the book. Normally dreary days make me want to snuggle up with a good book (or e-book) and read the day into oblivion. Today, however is different.

Maybe it’s a renewed sense of purpose with my writing, it could be the photos I’m editing, or maybe it’s that the house is quiet and the sound of my fingers tap-tapping on the keyboard is creating some kind of cosmic event in my writer’s brain that if I don’t let it loose on something creative it will create its own black hole and drag me into a parallel universe where everyone hangs on the edge of the next word to see I will write next…….

Did I mention that my writing side is on overdrive lately?  😉

Nahhhhh! It’s just me doing what I love to do – write.

Here’s to your Monday being most fine with a touch of goodly! (imagine me lifting my coffee mug in a toast to you)

Make your Monday magical or at the least fun. 🙂


Three days into 2013 and I’ve been keeping to the poetry writing schedule thing I set up for myself. Which means that I’ve written three new poems.

January is poetry a writing month for me. I’m writing one poem per day for the entire month of January. I’m still excited by this particular goal but, who knows, by the time 1-31-2013 gets here I may be ready to lay down the pen or throw it down. 😉

I took the time yesterday to sit down and write out my writing schedules for the next five months. I even logged those schedules into the calendar app on my phone so I get daily (or weekly) reminders of what I need to accomplish for that week (or month). I figured that it will help motivate me to stay on track.

Starting major rewrites tomorrow on my book – The Unmaker. This is going to be interesting since I haven’t really looked at it in about six months. I’ve got fresh out-of-the-package red pens and post-it notes at the ready. I’ve also cracked open a new composition book (I always stock up on them during back to school time haha) so I can make notes on each chapter as I go.  I’m not using the computer to do the rewrites initially. I’m just feeling the call of pen and paper for that job. But I will put the computer to use for the typing part of things. 🙂


Enough of my rambling for the morning. I hope your day starts well and ends better.

Remember: Don’t eat the yellow snow.