Attention Wednesday…

Good Afternoon!

Wednesday, middle of the week, the look back and look forward day.

These are the things I think of when I think of Wednesday. I also think of how it isn’t spelled the way that it sounds. Which seems to be true of most of the english language.

Okay brain do not digress please.

Have to keep it on track.


The look back and look forward day.

I set aside time on Wednesdays to review my goals for the week that I have accomplished and those that are still in front of me.

I started this in December actually and it felt right for me so I am sticking with it.

Goals have always been a challenge for me to keep. It was because I normally set too many large goals, set them for the year, and then felt so overwhelmed by that the task of completing them that — I just didn’t do them.

(Stay with me here I know I posted about goals already this month)

So I thought about it for a while and came up with the idea of just doing monthly goals. That also didn’t feel quite right for me. Again I became overwhelmed in trying to accomplish the goals I set for myself.

I once again sat back and thought about it for a while.

Then it struck me….weekly goals.

One week. Seven days.

Seemed plausible, doable, probable, and even possible.

I tried it and at first it felt odd. Only looking a the week ahead. When I accomplished my first set of weekly goals I felt good about it. So I did it again. It worked for a second week so I figured I go for a third and it stuck.

Weekly goals. It is doable for me. Easier for me to wrap my brain around the week rather than the year or month.


I feel very good about this weekly goal setting thing. So I wanted to, needed to post about it again. I like sharing the things that work for me. One of my goals for this week is to share with you the weekly pages that I print out and write in my weekly goals.

I searched for a few days to find the right ones, the most comfortable ones for me. I indeed found them. I had as much fun searching for the weekly planner pages as I have using them.

Yes. I have fun setting goals now because I relaxed and found my goal flow. It’s weekly. It’s fun. It’s me.


If you would like to see the site that I found my very cool weekly pages click here and it will take you to The Scattered Squirrel website. They are free printables. Yes Free. I use the weekly to-do sheets. There are other ones on the page to look at so take your time and see which one you resonate with then print it out and get your goal on.


Happy 2016!!!

It’s the first week of 2016 and I’m starting off with good energy.

I have a good goal plan in place and I’m feeling positive that I can accomplish my goals.

The plan is to have weekly goals instead of yearly or even monthly.

Weekly feels – doable.

Weekly feels – happy.

Weekly cuts out the anxiety I feel when trying to set goals for the year and month.

Weekly feels good because if something happens that causes a disruption in the plan I can easily and happily rework the goal for the week. It won’t disrupt the whole month.


It leaves room for spontaneous happenings of goodliness.

2016 I welcome you.

Hope your 2016 is starting out in a good direction.


Three days into 2013 and I’ve been keeping to the poetry writing schedule thing I set up for myself. Which means that I’ve written three new poems.

January is poetry a writing month for me. I’m writing one poem per day for the entire month of January. I’m still excited by this particular goal but, who knows, by the time 1-31-2013 gets here I may be ready to lay down the pen or throw it down. 😉

I took the time yesterday to sit down and write out my writing schedules for the next five months. I even logged those schedules into the calendar app on my phone so I get daily (or weekly) reminders of what I need to accomplish for that week (or month). I figured that it will help motivate me to stay on track.

Starting major rewrites tomorrow on my book – The Unmaker. This is going to be interesting since I haven’t really looked at it in about six months. I’ve got fresh out-of-the-package red pens and post-it notes at the ready. I’ve also cracked open a new composition book (I always stock up on them during back to school time haha) so I can make notes on each chapter as I go.  I’m not using the computer to do the rewrites initially. I’m just feeling the call of pen and paper for that job. But I will put the computer to use for the typing part of things. 🙂


Enough of my rambling for the morning. I hope your day starts well and ends better.

Remember: Don’t eat the yellow snow.


Begone Monday…I want my Saturday back.

Alright Monday…back off just a little bit will ya?

The weekend went too fast for my liking and now I’m staring down my list of goals for the week thinking that I may have gone overboard just a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, I like goals and I like to list them to keep me focused.



I make too many goals. Especially after I get done with a major chunk of writing and I’m on a sort of writer’s high. Then I’m excited and my energy is humming along at a good pace, I write a list of goals as if I’m writing the next chapter of my book.

From now on I think I’ll take a walk first and burn off some of the high energy before I set my weekly goals to paper.

Now I have to decide which ones I really need to do and which ones I can just ignore (for now).

What about you? Do you ever set too many goals for yourself? If you do, how do you decide which ones to do and which ones to set aside?


Have a great Monday!  🙂