While Walking Around On A Wednesday (part 1)

I was supposed to walk around my neighborhood and snap a few odd shots here and there of odd things. But the weather has not co-operated with that particular idea.

Since I don’t have a weather proof camera I figured playing it safe was the better option.

I’m still posting photos but, these are from a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo last Wednesday. So you see…the photos are still from a Wednesday.

Enjoy the trip. 🙂

At the entrance I saw:

Morningus Glorious

Upon closer inspection I found:

Pollinated Bumblebee

Melmo! Shrieked my niece

Elmo Decked out in Halloween Style

Deep knee bends here:

Bend it low

Playing amongst the feathers


Mr. Spikes

Floating Spiked Ball

Faraway look in her eye

Eye See You

Ssseee the ssssnakes ssslither (nice tongue twister)


So those were some of the things as I walked about last Wednesday. Did you really expect lions, tigers and bears? Well maybe tomorrow there could be a lion. 🙂