Attention Wednesday…

Good Afternoon!

Wednesday, middle of the week, the look back and look forward day.

These are the things I think of when I think of Wednesday. I also think of how it isn’t spelled the way that it sounds. Which seems to be true of most of the english language.

Okay brain do not digress please.

Have to keep it on track.


The look back and look forward day.

I set aside time on Wednesdays to review my goals for the week that I have accomplished and those that are still in front of me.

I started this in December actually and it felt right for me so I am sticking with it.

Goals have always been a challenge for me to keep. It was because I normally set too many large goals, set them for the year, and then felt so overwhelmed by that the task of completing them that — I just didn’t do them.

(Stay with me here I know I posted about goals already this month)

So I thought about it for a while and came up with the idea of just doing monthly goals. That also didn’t feel quite right for me. Again I became overwhelmed in trying to accomplish the goals I set for myself.

I once again sat back and thought about it for a while.

Then it struck me….weekly goals.

One week. Seven days.

Seemed plausible, doable, probable, and even possible.

I tried it and at first it felt odd. Only looking a the week ahead. When I accomplished my first set of weekly goals I felt good about it. So I did it again. It worked for a second week so I figured I go for a third and it stuck.

Weekly goals. It is doable for me. Easier for me to wrap my brain around the week rather than the year or month.


I feel very good about this weekly goal setting thing. So I wanted to, needed to post about it again. I like sharing the things that work for me. One of my goals for this week is to share with you the weekly pages that I print out and write in my weekly goals.

I searched for a few days to find the right ones, the most comfortable ones for me. I indeed found them. I had as much fun searching for the weekly planner pages as I have using them.

Yes. I have fun setting goals now because I relaxed and found my goal flow. It’s weekly. It’s fun. It’s me.


If you would like to see the site that I found my very cool weekly pages click here and it will take you to The Scattered Squirrel website. They are free printables. Yes Free. I use the weekly to-do sheets. There are other ones on the page to look at so take your time and see which one you resonate with then print it out and get your goal on.


Marching On With Magnetics

Magnetic poetry has certainly been fun for me and I certainly hope you have also had a bit-o-fun reading the randomness of my magnetic Monday madness. 🙂

I’m going to continue with the Monday poetic postings however, in April there will be a slight change up in the magnetic musings.

April is the month of new beginnings as it is the first full month of Spring in this part of the world. So in following Mother Nature’s format of newness, magnetic Mondays will also be a-changing.

For April I will pull three words from the magnetic words pile and then write a poem based on those words. That is the basic plan for April. I’m pondering on the specifics and will catch you up next week on the finalized edition of said plan.

For now though….on with the magnetic musings of March!

Words that were pulled:

memory   I   for  play  me  music sweet  sing  between   your  wild  let

I rearranged them into:

I sing between

sweet memory,

let your music

play wild for me.

That was a fun one for sure. 🙂

Have a happy-full Monday and may your week shine with memory and music.

Maniacal Monday

Today is set for uber busy times.

I have a lot to do this week and today is probably the bulkiest day of to do stuff.

Beyond the normal everyday household things that keep me busy through out the week, I have finally organized my writing notes into something more cohesive. Also, my poetry is organized in binders now due to the dust collection in the paper file folders and me sneezing like crazy when I’d go though them.

So – No more excuses! Today I hit the rewrites harder than I have been doing this year.

I also have organized (finally) the jewelry making supplies so I also, have no more excuses. I will get to the creating of wearable art and getting those things up on Etsy. 

Next on the big list is bringing a storage cabinet up from the basement and into the small room, a.k.a. closet, to further organize the things in that area.

Sometimes  I go into overdrive with the organizing, having fun with the organizing, that I get lost within- the organizing.

Then I run out of time before the household starts jumping with after school and after work things. That is actually one of the things on my to do list too, not getting lost in the various organizational worm holes.  🙂




 I know where things are now that I’m completely unpacked after moving (it only took a smidge over a year). I feel better now that life in general is more organized. I can breathe and get to it. 

Whatever you are doing this week, have fun with it. 🙂


Is it my Age?

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just not that good of a blogger. I mean I do like writing post, even if no one reads them, I do have fun with this endeavor/thing/blog.

But sometimes I wonder…..

1. If I’m just not that into it anymore.

2. I don’t have a whole lot to say.


3. May it’s my age.

I don’t mind people knowing that I’m forty-four years young, really it’s never bothered me to get another year older.

I can honestly say that my life is so much better now than it was twenty years ago.


I didn’t grow up in the cyber age. When I was a kid the net was something you had to catch fish and butterflies, the web was something a spider built and facebook would’ve meant a book with faces in it (not real faces pasted into a book that would’ve been creepy) but something such as a photo album.

A friend request was something done with a note or just asking someone to be friends with you.

I didn’t have to be told to go outside and get some playtime in the fresh air. Although I do remember my mom yelling louder and louder every time I didn’t respond to her request for me to “Get inside NOW it’s late!”.

Checking in was something you did at a hotel or event and you did it in person.

I had to go to a bookstore or library to get a book to read.

I could go on for a while but you get the picture I’m painting for you here.

So it circles back around to the question I asked myself today – Is my age getting in the way of my blogging?

I’m not sure yet but when I find the answer maybe I’ll post it here. 😉

Have a great week and for those if you who celebrate the Fourth of July holiday – Stay Safe and don’t blow anything up, set anything on fire, or get caught in the crossfire of a roman candle explosion. Have fun. 🙂


A Day Without Connecting

Yesterday I disconnected myself, for the day. I didn’t log on to my computer (it stayed powered down for the day)  and I put away my phone. I felt odd and I could feel my fingers itch to log on and at least check on my Facebook page. I mean that is a site to stay connected to family and friends. Never mind that I usually get caught up spiraling out by clicking on the various links that family and friends post. Then I find that an hour or so has passed and I didn’t actually accomplish anything in that hour.  Well, I usually find something I can relate to or advice to use in my writing.

Yesterday though, I didn’t allow myself to log on or in to anything but family time. I took my mom to the library where I wandered through the stacks of books and mom went directly to the mystery aisles. I found myself enamored once again by the feel, scent and sights of wandering through the aisles of adventures just waiting to be had. The simple act of opening a book has the power to transport you to distant lands, unexplored universes and hidden realms. I love the library, I always have and always will. But if I continue with that thought I’ll forget what I was originally writing about.

We left the library with books and a book tote bag that I bought for mom. A great start to the day of disconnection. We arrived home with just enough time to do a bit of cleaning before everyone else arrived. When my sister came in with her kids (two that feel like four), we all changed into swim suits and headed out to the pool to soak up some sun while reveling in the fun.

Swimming with a four-year old is an adventure in and of itself. My nephew is a water baby to say the least. Once he is in the water he just does not want to get out. I heard “JoJo look at me”, “Watch me JoJo”, Let’s go into the deep end JoJo”, and I loved every second of it. My niece thoroughly enjoyed herself as long as she had physical contact with her mom at all times. She loves the water but is not too confident that the water wings are going to really hold her above the water.

After water sneezes, many laps, water noodle fun, general sun soaking, and much fun, it was time to go home. Which is merely driving down the street back to the apartment. Yeah driving because it was too hot to walk. Dinner time was another adventure, full of “Sit and finish your dinner first”, “No”, “Careful or you’re going to drop something again”, fun times. After getting refueled, the kids ran amok  (in a good way) through the apartment.

From drawing on the white marker board to the Great Stuffed Animal Wars, to the taking out the coins and putting them back into the crayon coin bank, more fun. They had fun until we were all thoroughly worn out. Worn out in a warm, great, wonderful way.

When it was time for the visitors to get on their way home it was to the tune of, “oh Mom, do we really have to go?” – four-year old kids seem to have an endless abounding energy. (That is until they get in the car after an adventuring day and the car’s motion soothes them to sleep.) Good-byes and hugs were exchanged, they went home and the apartment felt too quiet.

Well, that’s it and there it is, my tale of disconnection. I loved it so much that I decided there will one day a week where I will not log into cyber space, my computer or the phone. I feel refreshed today.