Positive Post #6

February 6, 2018

Hahaha…I just re-read yesterday’s post and realized that the title read Positive P!

Oh, my. It was supposed to read Positive Post #5. Good thing I’m not getting paid to write these posts. 🙂

It really made me laugh today though and I needed that laugh today. A lot of ups and downs just since the First week of February. I’m rolling and flowing with life though so I’m pushing through and staying committed to this 28 days of positive posts on my blog.

Today I’m watching my 18-month-old nephew while his parents are at work. He brings out the happy every time. I enjoy watching him as he plays, learns, and interacts with his world. It’s not all happy and laughter though because he can throw some wicked fits when he gets upset. As is true really of anyone.

I’m amazed when I watch him as he goes through his day. Amazed because of how real his emotions are and he expresses them when he feels them.  Then I wonder why we all do not practice the same thing. Expressing our emotions when we feel them. I think it would be freeing if we did. Of course, you have to know how to express them so that you’re not going overboard but I feel that if we all did this toddler feeling of emotions thing, then it wouldn’t go overboard. We would know how to express what we are truly feeling at the time we are feeling it. And it would happen in a natural and organic way.

So today I feel amazed at how much I can learn from my 18-month-old nephew.

That is all.

Have a great Day.

Language of the Creative Mind

Sometimes I feel as if my creative mind speaks a foreign language.


I get images, glimpses, and feelings about what I want to write into my stories. And it can be challenging to then interpret those things into words.

Hmmm…inventing an image to word translator. That could be a useful thing.  No, not going down that road right now. It would fun and interesting but the digression would not be conducive to this post. (or something like that)


At times I feel like it would easier if I could think in words. Then perhaps the words would flow easier onto the pages and then the whole project would flow easier to the finish line.

Easier – maybe. Better? I don’t believe so.

The images are full of details, colors, and feelings. Words can convey those things, but they don’t necessarily have the same impact.

So I guess know then that that is the real challenge as a writer (for me anyway), to take the image and translate it into readable, feel-able words. Searching out the words to best convey the images that the creative mind spews forth, yes, that is my job as a writer of creative things/stories/images/feelings.

Well, you get the picture.  🙂

So rock on with the images, my creative mind and I’ll do my best to translate them into words for the world to read.

The end of post #2 for 2012.

How do you figure out what to write, draw, or create? Does your creative mind send images, feelings, or words?