Do you usually remember your dreams?

I don’t remember all of my dreams I do remember a lot of them. I’ve been keeping an active dream journal for many years and I find inspiration in that journal for some of the short stories that I have written.

A short list of facts about the dreams my minds throws at me:

1. My dreams are usually on the fantastic side of life.

2. I have dreams in both color and black and white.

3. They have people both familiar and unfamiliar.

4. Help me resolve issues in my waking life.

5. Take me to what seems like other worldly places at times.

6. Are usually very memorable.

7. I fly in a lot of my dreams. No plane, spaceship, or wings..well sometimes there are wings.


That’s not to say all of my dreams are good, because,as a matter of fact, I have some horrific dreams as well.

The nightmares I have had would rival the best horror films. Notice I stated horror and gore-filled films.

There is one dream/nightmare in-particular that has settled itself in my dreaming mind and refuses to let go. It’s a recurring thing for quite a while now. I have sort of become accustomed to its presence. Maybe I should write that one out as a short story and perhaps it would drift away into the realm of things forgotten.


I do remember my dreams (most, not all), and nightmares (wish I’d forget those). So what about you? Do you remember your dreams/nightmares/sleeping movies?


Have a wonderful Tuesday. And remember: some dreams are worth remembering while others are best left lying in the desert to be dehydrated by the sun.

Blogging Off

I suppose I caught your attention with my post headline. Good. That was my intention after all, you know, to get your attention. And now that I have your attention I would like to capture you even further.

I want to reel you into my dark little world and show you how the shadows play. I want you to see that all is not as it seems in the world of shadows. For this is not a place where demons dwell or hearts bleed gold. This is not a place where your mind could fracture at a moment’s notice due to snap of a whip. But, then again I suppose it has occurred. This is also not a place to tread lightly.

You could lose your way, fall down, tumble even, into the vast unknown. The collective unconscious consciousness of the world. You may even hear singing, but I’d advise against following that illustrious, illuminating sound. It’ll only lead to your ultimate ruin. If at any point during your visit here you feel as if someone (or something) is watching you, following you, or reaching out to brush your soul — you are correct.

There are things here that will taunt you, haunt you and otherwise try to impinge upon the personal space of your imagination. Shadows here love to play, tease, jeer, encourage, uplift, and bring in the joyous rain of treasures found. However, you must consider the aforementioned warnings.

No, don’t run away just yet, stay for a minute or two or perhaps a year. We are not here to harm you. We want to entrance you, enrapture you, thrill you and hold in our thrall for the space between breaths. We want to show you the colors of life that maybe you have missed due to the rapid staccato beats of a technology based lifestyle.

So enter, if you so dare, ahem – I mean choose, and listen. Hear the tales and sagas, revel in the epicenters of color, sound and word. Dive into the waters, the stream of consciousness if you will, and open your very soul to the happenings around you. Hear the laughing, wailing, jeering, cacophony of banshee and shadows. Equally as well please listen to the rhythms and flow of the most gentlest of creatures, for they will guide you on your journey here.

Dance in the rain and sun streams of love and cherish the wild ride of dreams and nightmares. Enter this world of wonderment, clarity and of course the occasional fall from sanity. All other words cast aside, enter the realm of books.

Feeling Good Friday

Just thought I’d start the post with a flower today.  It’s title is Dream Flower and it is one of my photos that I have chosen to be in a poetry book I am getting together. I’m pairing up photos with poems I have written and if there is a photo that has no poem to fit it, then I shall write one for it.  And that was an oddly long sentence, I think.

Anyway —

My other feeling good Friday comment is a book review of sorts. I have been writing my current novel since March and I know where it is going, I have the basic bones of it sketched/written out. But (and it is kind of a big but), I’m getting a little stuck on the how it gets there, or rather gets to the ending I have already written.

With this in mind I went to my bookshelf to see what book jumps (not literally, although that’d be fun) out at me.  What I saw were two books actually. One is Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain and the other is if the Buddha got stuck by Charlotte Kasl.

Yes both books are in the self help region of the book stores but that is what I needed – to help myself – become unstuck. So I flipped through them and read the sections that caught my attention more than the others. And it is helping. So I have decided to re-read them from cover to cover making notes along the way.

These notes are just quotes that I’ll write out on index cards and post on the wall next to my desk to help me stay on track, focused, and most of all unstuck. Ha – I could write them on sticky notes and call them my unstuck sticky note quotes.  See now you’re smiling and possibly shaking your head. Feeling Good Friday has touched you.

Hmmm that sounded weird…………

Now for the review portion of today’s post – – –

Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain is a great book about creative visualization and how it can help you to focus on what you want in your life. She takes you step by step through mental block busting. It’s all about using your imagination to help you stay energized. Because the realm of imagination is not only for kids. If it was then there would be no books written by adults, or rather no fiction books.

If the Buddha Got Stuck: A Handbook for Change on a Spiritual Path

if the Buddha got stuck by Charlotte Kasl is another great book for recognizing how we keep ourselves stuck by our self-limiting thought patterns and behaviors. Taught from a spiritual point of view that is fun, light-hearted and I say again FUN. Charlotte takes on a journey of self-awareness discovery that can lead you to your inner truths and harmony and fun.

I have read both books but I’m re-reading to become unstuck, clear and to find more fun in my life. I think I need to do this every change of seasons – lol

Write on and on and if you get stuck then get unstuck and write some more.