Poetry From The Outside

Here is something I wrote in 1986.

Dance Of Dragons

February 19, 1986

In the heart of twilight

when night birds call

to the stars.

That is the time

 the dragons fly.

You can see them


on wings of

leather and bone.

You can hear them


from the ancient times.

They have roamed this

world forever,

forever thru the spiral

forever past the sun.

And when breaks the day

they fly

towards the moon,

towards the field

into the night,

to the endless dance

of dragons.

(C) 1986 Joelle M. Wilson

Little Dragons, Big Fire

My ideas, as of late, have been appearing as little dragons in my dreams. Not kidding. I know. My mind is weird at times, or most times. Anyway before I digress down a wandering path of words and get lost therein….

Little dragons are ideas that present themselves to you in odd or unexpected ways. They (the dragons) seem small at first but once you start to write or plan out the idea….whoosh! A flame of motivation and inspiration erupts from the little guy (or girl. I’ve never asked) and before you even realize it, you have penned out quite a large amount of words.

You look at this little dragon and it is just sitting there smiling at you, knowing you’d figure out that the idea would pan out.

The proper way to thank this idea starter/maker/creator is to write, write and write some more until the idea is all out of you and onto the paper or computer screen. This dragon will then quietly wander to some vacant corner of your desk and/or mind, awaiting the next time s/he will get to work with your creative mind.

Just something to ponder on a wild Wednesday.  How do ideas grab your attention?