Purpose, Intention, Determination

Monday Thoughts.



As defined by Merriam-Webster online –

a : something set up as an object or end to be attained :intentionb : resolutiondetermination
: a subject under discussion or an action in course of execution
— on purpose

: by intent : intentionally
My thoughts on purpose:
Purpose gives people the drive to accomplish their goals.
(And for me 2012 is about goals. Setting goals is great and easy and fun. Accomplishing those goals can sometimes be a pain in the butt.)
Purpose = Intentions
Intentions can define how people feel about themselves. To intend to do something meaningful leads to a state of heightened energy within the body. Which then leads to different chemical and enzyme releases in the body which = good feelings about oneself.
So think about the good feelings that occur when that intention is actually accomplished in the physical realm and not just a thought form.
Purpose = Intentions = Determination
Determination is the stuff (technical term there) that helps to drive the intention which in turn fuels the accomplishment of the purpose.
To determine to accomplish a goal (purpose) is to intentionally realize that there is a need for action.
Purpose + Intention + Determination = Action
When the need for action is fully realized (time on this is different for everyone) then a clear path to the purpose is seen.
When the path is clearly seen, then the intention to set upon that path to reach the goal is fully fueled and things are accomplished.
So in short,
See your Purpose
Intend to act upon it
Determine your course
Take the action needed to accomplish said purpose (goal).
What will your purposely accomplish this – day, week, month, year?