Positive Post #9

February 9, 2018

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I love crayons!

Seriously, I really love to use crayons. The feel, the smell, the color, the texture, and how I can just let go and let the colors glide across the page taking me into a meditative place. I feel a small sensation of peace when I color.

That’s why I always buy a pack or five when back to school sales start popping up in July – August in my area.

I love to color!

It doesn’t matter if I stay in the lines, it’s my book or paper, it doesn’t matter if the colors blend or stand out. It doesn’t matter if I put them back in any order or in the original box. I usually do use the same box though.

The only thing that does matter to me when I take out the 8, 16, 48, 72, or more count box, is that I allow myself to just feel. I let go and allow life. That’s how it is for me to color. It was the same when I was a kid too, love to color.


What are your feelings about crayons, coloring, life?


P.S, Crayola crayons have always been my favorite.




Everywhere I Look

I see blank pages. The sky with the empty spaces of blue, the road offering pages of black, my walls are white and devoid of decoration. Even the white marker board stares at me from within a vast empty space.

I suppose it mirrors how I feel today – blank and empty. But empty in a good way. Relaxing my writer’s brain from the overload I was feeling, allowing myself to go into that emptiness and just float for a bit.

The only sound beyond the steady cadence of heart thumping its rhythm is my breathing. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in , breathe out. With every breath I feel lighter and more disconnected from the frenetic world without, so I can connect with the world within me.

I let the feeling nothing fill my entire being and I revel in the lightness of the moments that I am stringing together. The flowing, twisting, spiraling colors wrap around me, encasing me within a web of nothing. Then let go and I drift through the delicate rhythms of the place in-between.

That space where nothing and everything exists and shadows seek to show you the way to a vast and empty field of blank. I know I’m safe here so I follow where they lead and fall into the void again.

For a time I simply focus on being here, within the spirals of emptiness. For a time I feel everything and nothing. I simply exist.

When I feel I’m ready I reach my thoughts back to where I know the realness of the world exists. I focus again on the things I need to do on a daily basis in order to live in that place.

With a renewed sense of clarity I fly upwards and sideways toward the plane of existence that I know I belong to, belong with.

I arrive with a suddenness of life. A sharp intake of breath and I find myself here again.


So where are you today?