Things are changing around here

I have given some thought to the changes I need to make at this blog.

I need to change it completely.

It’s a little bit sad and a whole lot of happy.

I need to shut this blog down, delete it, release it to the past where it belongs.

You see, when I started this blog 5 years ago I was in different frame of mind and it was titled appropriately.

Chasing Moonlight represented the way I was writing back then, but I don’t want to chase things anymore. I want to, need to, finish things and I realized that by always chasing – I never caught what it was I was chasing.

I still write – a lot – at night and I most likely always will as it its part of who I am as a writer. I’ve also changed who I am as a writer in other ways.

So to keep in line with changing I need to change this too, my blog.

I’m still going to have an online presence I like the way it feels to keep in touch with you, the reader of these words. So I’m in the process of starting another blog on this website for sure. I’ll keep this one going for a bit so that those who would like to keep reading my sometimes silly posts, sometimes serious posts and sometimes a bit outside the realm posts, can follow the links to the new blog.

This major change will, I believe, spark a whole new slew of posts and writing.

Thanks for hanging out with me here and I look forward to the new (as yet untitled) blog.

Have a wonderful week. 🙂

Poetry Wednesday

Falling Through Everything

January 3, 2012

Pushed too far tonight

I jumped and landed on the

other side of everything again.

I pushed too hard tonight,

I jumped and let the inner light

guide where I would land.

Falling through the veil again

falling through everything

stealing the light again

stealing everything again.

I opened the gate and let

the flood cover me,

I jumped and let it all

go past me this time.

I watched through veiled eyes

as the world changed,

Felt the void change me again.

I am falling again

through the veil, through this

life again,

Falling through everything.