Samhain part two – The Veil Lifts A Little Higher

Okay so I’ve been researching Samhain at various sites but I still need to research more before I can write a full article (or mini series) about the history of the holiday.

The short list of what I have gleaned so far is:

1. It’s a time of celebration. (Stating the obvious with this item).

2. It’s not about sacrifices, blood feasts, severed limbs, or intense gore.

3. The masks were worn to ward off negative energies so that the celebration wouldn’t be ruined.

4. It was a time of harvesting the crops and animals in preparation for the winter months when food is scarce. This was especially true in the northern regions where the winter would be the harshest.

5. The roots of Samhain are pagan in origin. It was another holiday that christian leaders took over in order to convert the so-called ‘heathens’.

A short list that will be expanded as I go into heavy-duty research mode for the rest of this month. I think I’ll get to a library or two and look up information the old-fashioned way.

What are your perceptions of the Samhain. Halloween. holiday?