A Fan Girl Rave Today

I just have to rave today. It’s a must and there really is no way around it. There is something at the forefront of my mind that simply must be given a way out.

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now but I had to wait until today.

My mind is still processing the information. It was in my thoughts so much that I even had a rather odd dream about it last night. I’ll not delve into that oddness here, not today anyway.

Okay I’ll get to the point of the post – The Hollows Insider. More to the point I’m writing about Kim Harrison author of the previously mentioned tome of greatness.

First thought I must gush about the book itself. The Hollows Insider is the new book about the world that Ms. Harrison has created for her series of books. It’s freaking awesome.

Normal View

And check this out –

Dude, the cover glows. What is not to love about that?

Then crack open the cover (not literally) and you see the contents page set up with file folder tabs. And each section of the book has a corresponding tab at the beginning of each chapter. My inner organizer is all goose flesh now.

This book is no ordinary, dry, facts only please, beastiary, with only brief descriptions of places, creatures, and people. No. This goes well beyond that concept. Kim Harrison has given her fans a book to delve into that brings the Hollows closer. The book has a clear story line, main character, supporting cast of characters, a beginning, middle and end.

In other words it is 301 pages of new fiction from the mind of Kim Harrison. It’s as if you are reading through files of an investigative reporter. Seeing the Hollows through his eyes. I love the outside view of the characters.

The book has recipes, charms, non-human info, maps, facts and everything you wanted to know about the Hollows but was too afraid to ask an inderlander (non-human person)for the info.

Check out the review at Barnes and Noble book clubs here. Most excellent review.

And did I already mention that the cover glows! It’s only the first print run that will have the glow in the dark cover. So Tuesday I, of course, went out and bought it.

Kim Harrison, uber urban fantasy author, has written a series of books that draws you in from the first page and keeps you firmly within those pages until you get to the end. Which then leaves you wanting more. I mean it her books are the crack of the urban fantasy world. Okay maybe that is just my opinion but I think it’s a good analogy. 🙂

The characters are well developed and continue to grow and get smarter through out the series. The plots are woven into the story with great detail and you feel as if you are there within the words. The books are from the point of view of Rachel Morgan, a witch and bounty hunter/P.I. who lives with a vampire and a pixy – in an old church.

Kim Harrison gives us a new look at the classic mythic figures of vampires, pixies, faeries, werewolves and demons. A kick ass cast of characters, rich and vibrant setting, a story that gets better with each book, this series is a definite thrill ride of the supernatural sort, set within Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. A must read for urban fantasy fans.

Ms. Harrison also has short stories for you sink your teeth into in the anthologies: Dates From Hell, Holidays Are Hell, Hotter Than Hell, and Unbound. And a young adult supernatural series. She is one busy author.

Book ten A Perfect Blood is due out February 21, 2012. And Ms. Harrison herself has just confirmed that there is a television series in the works. If I could do back flips of happiness I would. lol.

That is all the gushing for the moment. If you like urban fantasy. looking for a great series to read, need a new author to read, then I urge you to go now to the store and grab a copy of Dead Witch Walking (book one in the series). Then you’ll need buy the rest of them. It’ll happen. You will get hooked.

Or go to your local library and check it out. What are you waiting for? 🙂

Snippets Of Selfishness

Just a quickie post today. Kind of all about me. Being selfish. Sometimes you just have to be that way. 🙂

The rewrite of The Unmaker is continuing. And I’m disappointed by that fact. I say that because I feel like I should have it done by now, I wanted to have it done by now. I think that the reason why is I did not give myself a deadline.

So in order to rectify that little oversight I hereby give myself the deadline of December 21, 2012. No wait that’s a deadline for something else. At least I think it is. Seems as though I’ve heard Something about that date.  😉

Okay enough giggling. My deadline for finishing The Unmaker is – November 30, 2011. That’s it, now I’ve done it. Committed it to paper and this post. and I’ll post weekly updates on the process so I can keep myself focused. Printing out a list of to-do stuff, weekly goal sheets, charts and other ‘tools’ to keep myself on track, because I love to that kind of thing too.

This kind of process helped me to get a first draft finished earlier this year. So it stands to reason that it’ll work again. I don’t know why I didn’t do this already. I mean I love lists and such things with numbers and bullet points.  🙂

Maybe a word count and page count widget on my blog. Or some kind of calendar thing that counts down the days, hours and minutes to my deadline. Hmm…..

Thanks for reading this rather self-indulgent post today. Words of wisdom and advice are always welcome.

Blogging Off

I suppose I caught your attention with my post headline. Good. That was my intention after all, you know, to get your attention. And now that I have your attention I would like to capture you even further.

I want to reel you into my dark little world and show you how the shadows play. I want you to see that all is not as it seems in the world of shadows. For this is not a place where demons dwell or hearts bleed gold. This is not a place where your mind could fracture at a moment’s notice due to snap of a whip. But, then again I suppose it has occurred. This is also not a place to tread lightly.

You could lose your way, fall down, tumble even, into the vast unknown. The collective unconscious consciousness of the world. You may even hear singing, but I’d advise against following that illustrious, illuminating sound. It’ll only lead to your ultimate ruin. If at any point during your visit here you feel as if someone (or something) is watching you, following you, or reaching out to brush your soul — you are correct.

There are things here that will taunt you, haunt you and otherwise try to impinge upon the personal space of your imagination. Shadows here love to play, tease, jeer, encourage, uplift, and bring in the joyous rain of treasures found. However, you must consider the aforementioned warnings.

No, don’t run away just yet, stay for a minute or two or perhaps a year. We are not here to harm you. We want to entrance you, enrapture you, thrill you and hold in our thrall for the space between breaths. We want to show you the colors of life that maybe you have missed due to the rapid staccato beats of a technology based lifestyle.

So enter, if you so dare, ahem – I mean choose, and listen. Hear the tales and sagas, revel in the epicenters of color, sound and word. Dive into the waters, the stream of consciousness if you will, and open your very soul to the happenings around you. Hear the laughing, wailing, jeering, cacophony of banshee and shadows. Equally as well please listen to the rhythms and flow of the most gentlest of creatures, for they will guide you on your journey here.

Dance in the rain and sun streams of love and cherish the wild ride of dreams and nightmares. Enter this world of wonderment, clarity and of course the occasional fall from sanity. All other words cast aside, enter the realm of books.

Are Books Necessary?

My new Motto

In a world where everyone and anyone can publish a book they have written, is there room for more books to be published?

I have seen this question, though not in the same words, on other websites, blogs, twitter, Facebook and also in magazines. It has me thinking (not questioning mind you) if I need to put my written work out there among the blizzard of books that already exist.

I know that if I don’t at least try I think my family will probably lock me in a dark room until I agree to their terms. But that’s another story. Anyway back to my point about new books.

There are thousands of new books each year that are printed and shipped off to various bookstores around the country and world. There are new, reprints, second editions, sequels, prequels, adapted from movies, graphic novels and a plethora of other ones freshly printed. Is this necessary? I mean are books still needed, beyond the reference and text books? Stay with me here and try not to yell too loud.

And if you answered yes then, why? Why are books needed in this age of instant information gratification via the internet? And with so many books out there about the same subjects, why put out more of the same?  Really there is no need to shout, I can hear some of you grumbling from way over there.

For me the answer is – Yes books are necessary. Did you really think I was going to say something different? The reason is (for me) beyond the obvious of learning and entertainment. For me a book’s value is also in the emotional response that a simple collection of pages with printed words on it can evoke in my being. The way a writer pulls thoughts out of me that I didn’t realize were even hidden inside of me.

Not all books have the same effect on me, some books I haven’t finished when I started them. Usually because the content wasn’t able to keep my interest, it just wasn’t for me. Not all books fit every person. And Aha! – That’s why there needs to be many, many books out there in print as well as in digital form. Books are not a ‘one size fits all’ deal.

Books are also about connections. How you travel from one connection to another to arrive at a book’s destination is noteworthy. You read a book, write-up a review/ recommendation, someone reads the review then buys the book. A connection has been formed. When you can relate to an aspect of the book, whether it’s the characters, the location, or the story itself, that also creates a connection.

Connections are formed every time we read the cover copy of a book. We may or may not buy it based on what the cover says, but it still forms a connection in our brains. Someone we know may like that kind of book and so you pass on the information via; the phone, twitter, Facebook, Google +, in person, etc.

Today I was at Barnes and Noble, to pick up a copy of Blood Work by Kim Harrison, and my mom found a tote bag (the one in the photo). I loved the words on it – “When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left, I but food and clothes.”  – Erasmus.

After we went home I looked up the name on the internet and read a little about the person who is cited on the bag. Then I sat down and wrote this post. Connections = life.

What connections are you making with books?

Amazon And Accountability

I don’t normally post on Thursdays but I feel strongly about getting this out in as many ways as I can. Everyone, not just authors, needs to read a post at The Passive Voice blog titled “Amazon and Book Piracy”.

You would think that in today’s electronic based world it would easier for authors to communicate with a corporate entity like Amazon. But it’s not always so easy as author Ruth Ann Nordin has found out.

Ruth Ann Nordin has been having trouble, to the extreme, getting results and correspondence from Amazon. She now says she is consulting with a lawyer this week to help get the matter resolved.