First Writing Campaign Challenge

The first challenge of the writing campaign is to write a flash fiction piece of 200 words or less. The story has to start with – The door swung open.  The title does not count towards the word count.

The optional challenge – to use exactly 200 words and end with – the door swung shut. I went for it.

This is the first Flash Fiction piece I have written. It was definitely a challenge staying at 200 words or less. I hope you enjoy what I went with here.

Mr. Pins

The door swung open, pushed by a silent breeze emanating from the basement. I was told to stay away from that place.  Now I can’t, it’s the only place I haven’t looked, he must be down there.

Standing in the doorway the stench and shadows reach out from the darkness, as if alive, to pool around my ankles. Choking on the scent of death, I take a deep breath and plunge into the black. My eyes fighting to flush out the attack on my senses.

Tears blur my vision as I feel around for a light switch and instead find a sticky liquid oozing from the wall. Then I hear him. A shuffling sound to my right.

Turning I take a step forward, my forehead colliding with a string. Pulling it I sigh with relief as a tepid pool of amber light fills some of the room.

In one shadowed corner I hear him breathing. A rasping, rough sound slides out of the black. Stepping into that darkness I grab Mr. Pins before he escapes again. “Silly old bunny. The basement is no place for you.”

Going back upstairs I put him in his cage and the door swung shut.