Morning From My Balcony

After the hectic pace of my day yesterday it was nice to feel calm this morning. So I thought I’d share the view this morning.

Waking up

Possibility of rain moving in sometime today it seems.

But the sun is still striving to punch through the grey.

Do you see the face in this picture?


Tomorrow’s post is going to be a complete fan girl post about my favorite urban fantasy author. Come back and see who it is and if you already know come back anyway and see the way cool picture of her latest book.

How is your day going?

Monday Madness

Today I’m working on a few different projects with laundry being one of the most important. While I’m at the laundry place I’m going to work the story map for the YA project I started a few days ago. After the bore of the laundry chore I’ll work out a few kinks in The Unmaker (one of which is the title), plot some points for Blackridge River (see that Jack I haven’t forgotten you), and start the chapter summaries for the paranormal romance story.

And in-between all of that madness I will remember to eat, drink, and take a walk. As long as it isn’t too hot outside I’ll take a walk.

(c) 2010 Joelle Wilson at Sharon Woods Park


If the heat is too much I’ll settle for drinking ice tea on the balcony while blissfully fantasizing about the cooler autumn temperatures in October.



I’ll end with a few links today.

The Creative Penn – ‘How Twitter Landed One Author A Book Deal’ – Different way to get your foot in the publishing world’s door.

Writer Unboxed – ‘When A Character Won’t Cooperate’. All about listening to who your character really is.

Stephanie Mooney – great post about single story concepts titled ‘Incomplete Truths’

Writing Forward – A writing exercise titled ‘Free Writing’ which is similar to the morning pages kind of writing exercise.

Writing is a madness for which there is no cure.