Writing Upside Down and Backwards

I must finish, I must finish, I must finish…………

That has become my new mantra. The chant going round in circles and triangles in my writer’s mind. I must finish.

Perhaps I’m working on too many projects at one time. I do rotate between them  – a lot. Perhaps I should choose one, just one to work on until completion.

I’m starting to think that maybe I like the writing more than the finishing. That perhaps it’s that I don’t want the story to conclude. Maybe I have a case of Enditis. Yeah I think that’s it.

I like writing the story so much that I just don’t want it to end. I’ll have to work on it from that pov and see where I end (lol) up.

No tricks though. No telling myself to do it one way in order to trick the brain into finishing the story. I’d just get caught up in defining and perfecting the trick. That would so defeat the purpose of it.


My apologies for yelling out in the middle of the post but I think I hit on something here. Perfection. I’m trying to make the stories perfect so they can end in a perfect way.

I know logically there is no such thing as perfection, but my writer’s brain is caught up in a hazy maze of thinking that there is such a thing. Okay, so now that I know…what am I going to do about it.


Writing backwards may be a good thing to do. I’ll write (rewrite) the whole thing starting from where it ends. You see I actually wrote notes on the ending it was just getting there that was ensnared in a web.

So backwards. The end to the beginning.

I like this train of thought. I’m going with it.

So a question for those of you who reading this hazy maze post —

What can you do different today that will affect a positive change in your life?

(bet you didn’t see that question coming.)    🙂