Art Blog to Check Out

If you love or like art of all types then you should check out this blog Art Challenge Gallery

Well crafted site that has links to the various artists that have submitted work to the site.

If you are an artist then you may want to check out the art challenges that are listed there as well.

I believe that you will like this one very much. (does that sound like an odd sentence or is it just me? hmm.)


Check out Art Challenge Gallery for some great and interesting art and artists.

Have a goodly Wednesday afternoon and evening. 🙂

New Monthly Feature Coming Soon

Starting next week I’m going to have a monthly feature called – 16 Questions.

This will basically be a Q&A style interview with local ( and possibly not so local) poets, artists, photographers, musicians, and writers.

The questions will consist of 8 serious questions and 8 fun questions. You never know what the fun questions will entail. Sort of the things that just pop out of my brain. Odd things, weird things, but fun none-the-less. 🙂

Hopefully this will then lead into the interviews being video recorded for this blog and You Tube.