40 is the ‘new’ 30?!? I don’t get it.

I’m in my forties now (43 to be exact) and I feel I have a better grasp of life than I did in my thirties. And the decade of 30 something choices, decisions, and life in general was better than my twenties. My twenties were way over the top better than my teens and so on.

I’ve been hearing (for quite a while actually) that 40 is the new 30. And really I ask a resounding WHY?

I mean ….Why can’t we (especially women) accept and love the age we are in at the moment? Why is youth so revered? Or is it just looking younger that our society has an obsession with? An unhealthy obsession by the way. (can obsessions  be considered healthy?)


I’ve never been concerned with getting older or looking older. I do admit I color my hair but I’ve been doing that for a couple of decades off and on, merely for a change of hair color. Dyeing my hair is akin to wearing jewelry or makeup – for me.

I think it’s funny when people have said to me that I don’t act my age. It makes me think about what a forty something person is supposed to act like. I suppose by the dictates of society I should’ve gotten married, have a house and a few kids by now.

That’s the topic for another post.

Back to the whole 40 thing….

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to act like, look like, and be like…except myself. I think that 40 is 40, 30 is 30, 50 is 50 and so on. One age cannot be a new different age at least not according to me anyway.


40 is the new 30 because there are people out there who do not give in to the age stereotypes? That could be it.

What about you? Do you act your age? Are you concerned with aging?